Club membership offers instant savings on products and services for one year to all members (from the start of your membership). With this $50.00 membership you receive so many benefits.

What You Will Recieve…

  • 10% Off All Orders
    For an entire year, members will receive 10% off of items, even those which have already been discounted. (Cannot be combined with any other coupon code or referral program.)
  • Buy 3 of the Same Product, Get 1 FREE (4 in total)
    (of equal or lesser value under $125.00) per order! NOTE: Terms subject to change without notice pertaining to major cleanses (e.g. 10-day and 20-day kits), depending on availability of major cleansing kits. (If participating in the buy 3 get 1 free the 10% discount doesn’t not apply.)
  • 1 Free Product
    ($20 value or less) after becoming a member with your first purchase (free product does not include shipping)!
  • Free Admission to All Events
  • 2 Free E-books
    Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual, and the Full Body Cleanse Companion
  • Free Detox Specialist Service
    ($39.95 value) anytime you perform one of our major cleanses, e.g. Full Body Cleanse, Weight Release Cleanse, etc.

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Club Dherbs Program Terms and Conditions: January 16, 2017

  1. Only the person’s (member) name on the membership may use the Club (or account) to order and take advantage of the benefits membership offers. No exceptions!
  2. Membership can not be transferred to another person. No exceptions!
  3. Only one membership per person.
  4. Membership non-cancelable after order (with the exception that there is no usage of any benefits before cancellation).
  5. Violation of membership shall result in termination of membership and there shall be no refunds for any unused portion of membership at the time of termination.
  6. Club Dherbs members are still responsible for shipping.