Detox Troubleshooting


Please attempt to locate your particular healing crisis for understanding on what’s going on with and inside your body before contacting us for health inquiries. There is no need to fear or be afraid in response to abnormal reactions with your body when detoxifying and cleansing it.

Detox Emotional Troubleshooter

Cleansing on a deep cellular and tissue level can release stored emotion (usually negative emotion) in the body. Emotions are stored in certain organs of the body due to an affinity to the organ. They also store in other parts of the body as well, i.e. back, buttocks, neck, etc. as any good massage therapist will tell you. Feeling a certain way while detoxing (with any Dherbs.Com kit and regimen) simply denotes that the specific corresponding organ is being addressed (worked on for your healing benefit).

Cleansing (detoxifying) is not just physical, but mental, spiritual, emotional, and ethereal. Using the Dherbs.Com ‘Chakra Elixirs’ can greatly help to cleanse on the auric or subtle body level as all disease first appears on the energy level and appears in the human aura which aura photography can show and prove to you. For this reason, Dherbs.Com highly recommend that you have your aura photographed once a year minimal, and four times a year (every seasonal change) maximum.

Negative Emotions:

Positive Emotions:

NOTE: The following are generally experienced by those individuals who are spiritually-inclined and/or very aware (conscious) in life.