Fresh herbs on wooden background

Foraging with Laura Miller

Who knew you could forage so much in Los Angeles?! Mia and Pascal, that’s who. In this episode, Laura teams up with pro foragers Mia and Pascal for a foraging adventure just north of the city and reward themselves with a gourmet meal.


Ladies Luncheon | With Laura Miller

We promised to get weird right? How about 3 fabulous luncheon recipes to knock your friend’s socks off followed by a backyard brunch that’ll keep you wondering what was actually in those cocktails…

Yoga Day 5

Yoga Camp Day 5 – I Am Alive

  Yoga Camp – Day 5 is here with the mantra I Am Alive! Practice presence. One moment to the next. Focus on your breath. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one...

Yoga Camp Day 4

Yoga Camp Day 4 – I Awaken

Yoga Camp – Day 4 is here with the mantra I AWAKEN. This yoga practice is a tune in, a check in – a wake up call. Notice your breath and shake it up. What do you...

Yoga Day 3

Yoga Camp Day 3 – I Embrace

  Yoga Camp – Day 3! 30 Days Of Yoga Camp continues. Embrace the process with this 35 min full at home yoga practice. Yoga is about embracing your full potential by leaning into the process. What...

Yoga Day 2

Yoga Camp Day 2 – I Create

Yoga Camp – Day 2! 30 Days Of Yoga Camp continues. Create space with this full practice. The mantra today is I CREATE. Finish that sentence, get a work out, trim, tone, cultivate balance and stability. Breathe...

Yoga Camp Day 1

Yoga Camp Day 1 – I Accept

As we begin the journey to connecting to our body, trimming up, shaping up and loving ourself for who we truly are – we start with the Day 1 mantra, I accept. Ease into it. Enjoy.

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