AD Reveals The Stinky Truth In Fact Or Fiction On Windy City Live

Let AD help you learn the honest truth through this game of Fact or Fiction, revealing the stinky truth! Is coffee good for helping you go to the restroom? How long does it take to digest gluten vs vegetables? What even is in that stinky stuff? Find out now!

If you missed out on Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin, on Windy City Live, you’ve gotta check out this segment! This time, he isn’t making recipes, but he’s revealing how you can improve digestion and keep your bowels regular. Even though people don’t like to talk about it, pooping is a natural part of life and it is the body’s primary way of eliminating waste. Keeping your bowel movements regular is one of the best ways to aid weight loss efforts, decrease your risk of intestinal disorders, boost your immune system, and promote overall health.

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