Creamy Basil Zucchini Fettuccine

Elevate your raw vegan diet with this easy, refreshing, delicious dinner. These zucchini noodles are smothered in a basil cream sauce and topped with beautifully plump plum tomatoes and optional pine nuts. Made from cashews, the basil cream sauce has a luxurious, creamy texture and incredible depth of flavor. Think of it like a cross between pesto and Alfredo sauces, only without the high sodium and fat content from jarred varieties.

0:00 Intro
0:04 Ingredient List
0:08 Zucchinis, Ribbons
0:20 Garlic, Minced
0:28 Lemon, Halved
0:32 Cherry Tomatoes
0:39 Blending the Basil Sauce
1:11 Fetucinni Bowl
1:16 Add Basil Sauce and Mix
1:28 Bon Appetit



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