Adventures Of V-Man: Transformational Healing Universe Part 1

On the latest episode of the Dherbs Adventures of V-Man series, our content writer, Vinnie, visited Transformational Healing Universe in West Los Angeles, CA. This was our most in depth therapeutic experience to date, and we experienced about six or seven different therapies during our visit. Instead of cramming everything into one video and article, we decided to break it up into two videos and accompanying articles.

About Transformational Healing Universe

There is a collection of practitioners at Transformational Healing Universe, and they all have a united goal of empowering clients to heal themselves. Dr. Har Hari Khalsa, DC, offers various healing modalities that address different ailments or conditions. He uses traditional chiropractic, ancient arts, meditation, light therapy, PEMF therapy, the BioCharger, and more to address underlying health conditions.



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