Dherbs 180. Ep 2: How I Lost a 100 Pounds in a 100 Days

Pastor Hosea begins the Full Body Cleanse. But before starting, he has one last meal!


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    Q: I'm on my 10th day of the Full body cleanse and I have only dropped like 5 pounds. When I go walking and come back to weigh myself. I see that I'm down like 3 lbs. But, when I weigh myself the next morning, I still only lost 5 pounds. I have lost my appetite completely. I eat fruits and a small salad other than that, I have no desire to eat. I have bowel movements about 3 times a day however, they are not regular size bowel movements. I even had a colonics yesterday, and not much happened with that, no movement. I'm just wondering what can I do to optimize my weight lost with this detox? I had taken smooth move too... still no change... Please advise.


    Stop putting so much energy (emphasis) on how much (weight) you're losing. You're creating a block for yourself. In fact, you should even stop weighing yourself. Only do so after you complete the cleanse. Just focus on how you feel, and what you desire -- your objective, okay!

    Take time to read the following article:
    Secrets of Weight Loss

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    Q: A friend of mine purchased the Full Body Cleanse for me but I am a little hesitant about starting the cleanse. I am afraid that I won't be able to go through with it and that maybe I am doing it for all the wrong reasons.I used to weight 140 pounds in high school, but after I went away to college stress and poor eating habits I gained 50 pounds.I have tried a few different things and when I did not notice results I stopped them. Will it be different this time? Will I actually lose weight? I was also considering trying The Female Cleanse after the Full Body Cleanse. Would that also help with weight loss?


    If you follow the diet and take the herbs as recommended you will 100% loose weight. Not only will you be expelling toxins from your system with help of the herbs but you will also be adapting to a raw vegan diet. The diet alone will help you loose weight.
    The Female Cleanse is not design for weigh loss. If weight is what you are focused on then you should perform the Weight Release Cleanse, once you have performed the Full Body Cleanse that is. Never hesitate to call us at 866-434-3727, we would be more than pleased to walk you and guide you through the process.

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    Q: Good morning. I tried the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and followed the diet. I must say that I am amazed at how good I feel. Energetic and focused but alas, I only lost 3 pounds in the 3 weeks. I am 5'5 and currently at 181 pounds. My body is extremely resistant to weight loss. I have done several different types of detox including the IZO juice cleanse in the last year and had not lost weight. I don't even seem to respond to a very low calorie diet. I do have elevated liver Enzyme levels and a recent blood test showed low B6 vitamin and not proper protein digestion. I exercise 3 times a week and I eat rather health and mostly organic. Please HELP. Thanks


    This means that your body focused on another area that was of more importance than weight release. your mind wanted weight reduction but your body intelligence focused on something else. Go with the flow of the body intelligence and trust it. You apparently have an energetic block that prevents you from physically releasing weight (since you've tried other programs). Consider scheduling a consultation so we can get at the energetic/emotional root of your problem. Simply stop worrying about "losing" weight. Focus on what you desire (to see yourself in the size you desire). Don't focus on what you don't want (i.e. to lose weight).

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    Q: Dherbs.com, I wanted to update you on my experience with the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN; I am on the third week of the program (almost finished) and I have lost 25 pounds thus far and still releasing weight. Although, I know the program calls for all raw foods; I have had a few days where I did not follow the plan (i.e. I had some cooked vegetable dishes and some Quinoa). Although I know this is a no-no; I wanted you to know that in spite of my disobedience; I have still released waste. I am now ready to know what's next. Would you recommend the full body detox? I am still overweight for my frame...and I am more interested in lifestyle changes than temporary fixes. I have been vegetarian for the last year. Thanks for your wonderful products.


    Great testimony and kudos to you! We would recommend that you continue to detox (FULL BODY DETOX) to release that unnecessary weight (waste). For lifestyle change, Dherbs is the place to be (articles, e-books, videos, etc.).

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    Q: I'm using your PANCREAS CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and this is my second week. What's next upon completion? I feel great, lost six pounds and my Blood Sugar is wonderful. Saw the difference in about 5-6 days. I'm not on any insulin and do not plan to.


    Glad to hear all is going well with this cleanse! Great news and thanks for sharing! After the PANCREAS CLEANSE AND REGIMEN I would recommend a daily regimen of: PANCREAS FORMULA PANCREAS AUXILIARY FORMULA SUGAR BUSTER ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD Eat as close to the PANCREAS CLEANSE AND REGIMEN DIET as possible. Modified diet is very important!

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    Q: I started the Full Body Cleanse program on August 25th. Three days later, detox symptoms became so severe that I discontinued taking it on September 4th. However, I want to resume but feel that I need some assistance from you in terms of what might be the best way to do so in order that I can continue with my daily activities. Symptoms of most concern included: uncontrollable coughing, tightness in chest, increased blood pressure and severe headache. When I noted that the symptoms were increasing in intensity, I discontinued taking the Full Body Cleanse herbs,(after 10 days). 3 days after discontinuing the programs, the symptoms have subsided to a degree that I can continue with my daily activities. I want to resume the program but want to do so at a rate that I can function during the day and sleep at night without hours of intensive coughing. What suggestions do you have? About me: I am AA 60 Y.O. female who has been a raw vegan for the past 7 years. My doctor insists that I remain on the following medications: Levoxyl Tab 0.05 mg; Avapro 150mg; and Estradiol patch for thyroid condition, hypertension and menopause, respectively. Noteworthy, I discontinued taking all med 3 days prior to starting Full Body Cleanseand have not starting taking them again. My goal is to be free of such poisons.


    To continue the Full Body Cleanse, cut dosage from 5 capsules to 2-3 capsules. It is a very powerful cleanse. The symptoms you are experiencing is part of the healing crisis taking place. The herbal supplements are trying to counteract the toxicity in your body, and thus attempting to rid of them via one of your major eliminative channels. 


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    Q: Hi, I've been on the 3-week Full Body Detox for 6 days now and am shocked that I have only lost 1.5 lbs. I've read where 10-50 is expected and have been very strict with my diet but haven't managed to drop much. I am about 15 lbs. heavier than my comfortable body weight so it shouldn't be a question of whether my body thinks I should lose it or not. Any thoughts on what might be happening?


    Sir, Please be patient and judge the cleanse AFTER the 20 days!!!!

    Your body may see other things within it as more important than weight loss (release). Weight may be a problem to you, mentally (ego-wise), but not to the body. The body could be addressing something more critical than fat or waste. Relax and just cleanse and enjoy yourself. Trust your body's innate power to heal itself. Body knows best! Stay focused on what you desire! Keep your thoughts in alignment with your desires!

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    Q: I'm thinking about trying your products the FULL BODY DETOX. I really need to cleanse my body and loose at least 35 pounds. After I had my daughter I got really depressed and let my body go. I'm 5"7 and weight 200 pounds. I want to and need to get back on track be healthy and live along life. And I think that your product could really help me out now and, in the long run.


    I would suggest you perform the FULL BODY DETOX followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMENto help you release the weight (waste).

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    Q: I'm 185 pounds trying to get to 145 pounds what would be the best body cleanse the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE or the FULL BODY DETOX which is more beneficial? I also have Vigilito if that helps


    Choose the FULL BODY DETOXover the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. For Vigilito, read the article â€SKIN DISORDER = BLOOD DISORDERâ€. Visit ARTICLES section.

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    Q: I'm doing the Full Body Cleanse and I have a few questions about it: I get tired of drinking just the distilled water and I'd like to drink the herbal teas, but I don't like it by itself. Would it mess things up to add a pack or two of Splenda to my tea or maybe honey? I can't stand the salads with the olive oil or apple cider vinegar or the lemon juice as dressing and it makes me gag. I have To have some sort of salad dressing. What kind would be suitable? Do I look for sugar-free? Or organic and natural? I found one that is organic and natural, but it has 3 grams of sugar in it. Without eating all my whole grained breads and other fiber, I haven't had much of a bowel movement in 3 days, should I wait a while yet? (I had surgery on my bowels and always had to take fiber tablets and eat lots of grains to get my bowels to move.) I haven't done the enemas yet, (low on money) should I try that? Or should I resume my fiber tablets I normally take? Any type of fiber I could add to my fruit smoothies in the morning? I want to also do the female cleanse. Is it ok to do that immediately after I finish the full body cleanse or should I wait for a little while? Thank you for all your help, I feel much better than I did before and I just started this detox a week ago, lost 10 pounds, too, woohoooooo! Thank you


    1. Instead of splenda, use agave, stevia, or grade b maple syrup as a sweetener.

    2. In re Salad Dressing, an organic and natural one is great. You can also check our website for salad dressing recipes.

    3. The fiber pills are not part of the cleanse, so we wouldn't advise those. Fruit is you best choice of fiber so look into eating more papaya, mango, figs, etc. And yes, colonics (and enemas) would greatly help you - undoubtedly!

    4. You can do the Female Cleanse right after you finish detoxing. There's no need to wait!

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    Q: I am coming to the end of taking the FULL BODY DETOXand although I am pleased with the product, however, my primary reason for taking the product was to help with eczema flare-ups and my condition is not any better. I have also been using the OZ OIL along with the detox and my condition remains. Do you have any other suggestions? I have two days to go on the detox but have noticed that I am not bothered by allergies, which is usually bothersome for me this time of year living in the South. I have lost about 5 lbs, but that's OK since I weighed 131 before starting the program. I have referred the product and website to other relatives and friends and one of them have already ordered the detox. Can you tell me why I haven't seen any difference in my skin with relation to the ezcema.


    You may want to read our â€ECZEMA†article. One FULL BODY DETOX is not going to provide you a miracle. It took me 6 months to heal my son of eczema. Keep detoxing until you get your results. You have work to do. It ain't disappearing over night. Time will be involved. Don't become discouraged, Beloved! Just keep on cleansing and detoxifying! Also, stop judging your results by other people's results. This will cause problems for you!

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    Q: I know 2 people that have used the full body cleanse and the Anti Viral Kit and are now herpes free. I have recently purchased the Full Body Cleanse as well as the Anti Viral Kit. I started the Full Body Cleanse 2 days ago and I am already starting to have a breakout. Actually it is only my second outbreak ever (I had my first 4 months ago). Is it normal to have an outbreak during the detox this quick? My next question, your food guide says that you can eat raw food only during the detox. Would it be unacceptable to eat sashimi while taking the kit?



    Breakout means healing! The body is discharging via the skin, the largest channel of elimination. Keep up with the cleanse to achieve best results.

    Sashimi is not permitted in a raw foods diet, as it is fish. Read the article WHAT IS RAW FOODS on our site under ARTICLES.

    Additional food recipes are listed in our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual.

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    Q: I have been off the full body cleanse for about a month, what I have noticed, when I haven't drank the amount of water needed, my anus begins to hurt as if I have heroics, I cannot wipe without having pain. I drink water, it seems all is fine. I ate fried chicken for the first time, in 3 months, and agin notice pain. So, I need the water, but what I explained, does it sounds right. I have been eating more veggies and fruit, in the last couple days, as well.


    Keep drinking plenty of water and start taking Dherbs' Intestinal Cleanser, and Bowel Motion. They will help to get rid of your hemorrhoidal condition.

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    Q: I have a fried who was told he has a heart murmur, and a small hole in his heart that is leaking. He needs to get surgery to get the whole closed up, or else it can get worst. He has severe chest pains, and his right shoulder hurts him constantly. They say it is because no blood is pumping to his arm at a steady rate because of his heart. He does not have health insurance and wants to avoid the medications and surgery. He has lost weight so what do you recommend? Full Body Detox? The only thing with that is it says you will lose 10-50 pounds he cant afford to losse to much weight. Could you explain? And would this help him a great deal? Also me personally would like to do the Full Body Detox just for overall health reasons and it seems to be a great cleanse. Im only 120 pounds will this make me loose a lot of weight? I cant afford it either. Please advise.


    Please read the article "I'm Thin, Will I Lose Excess Weight During the Detox." Visit our articles section. You guys have nothing to worry about. You will only release weight if you NEED to do so. Just read the article for more insight and understanding. The Full Body Detox and drinking the Hearty Heart tea will tremendously help your friend. He needs to do something and fast though.

    I'm Thin! Will I Lose Excess Weight During the Detox?

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    Hearty Heart Tea

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    Q: I did the full body cleanse almost 3 months ago and I lost 20 lbs. I put on the lbs back because I never changed my diet. I would like to know if you could email me some diet suggestions from the morning to the evening. I want to change my diet and have a fruit and vegetables diet. I need help. Peace.


    Check out our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual for diet suggestions!

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    Q: I have 2 more days left on the Total Woman Cleanse. I also completed the Full Body Detox in January. I started my cycle a couple of days before starting the Total Womans Cleanse, which lasted approxy 5 days. When my cycle stopped, I began to experience spotting everyday (which I understand is apart of the cleansing process). However, my cycle started again and has lasted for 4 days now, and I experienced some clots and heavy bleeding. I've also been feeling fatigue, as a result of the continuous bleeding. I've had problems with my cycle for several years, and I'm really seeking help in resolving the issue(s). I've had a couple of DNCs, over the past few years which have come back okay (praise God), but I also have an enlarged uterus. I was thinking about ordering the Yoni Formula, Moon cycle, Female Tea, and liquid iron. What do you suggest?


    Don't be frustrated, Beloved! It will only block you! Consider ordering and reading our "Mental Science Manual" and "Love Manual" and APPLY the principles so as to help you remain positive, calm, and optimistic about your healing. Listen, after the Total Womans Cleanse, perform the Full Body Detox, and then (after you finish the FBD) start taking the Moon Cycle (formula and tea), Female Hormonal Formula, Yoni Formula, and Styptic Formula. Your body is regulating itself. Trust the natural process! Your body is undoing all the harm you did to it, so be patient, and understanding of all that your body has to do on and for your behalf! Okay? Stay positive! Your body is your humble servant!

    Product Links:

    Full Body Detox
    Yoni Formula
    Moon Cycle Formula
    Female Hormonal Formula
    The Mental Science Manual
    Love Manual
    Moon Cycle Tea

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    Q: I've been taking the Full Body Cleanse for almost 2 weeks. In general, I feel much better. My question is if I can eat spirulina. and/or Ultimate Meal (mainly is Quinoa, millet, brown rice, yellow pea protein, spirulina and another natural ingredients) as breakfast or lunch. In case you do not know Ultimate Meal you can see it at www.ultimatelife.com Thank you. Ricardo. Your customer service rep told me after full body detox is good to take cholesterol formula. Is enough or Do I need to take lose weight tabs? after the full body cleanse? I am taking care of my diet and exercise 3 -4 times a week 2 hours each with stationary bike or tread mill and exercises with weights.


    Spirulina and Ultimate Meal are excellent supplementary products to take in order for your body to receive an adequate amount of protein while on the cleanse.

    Yes, take Cholesterol Formula (and Intestinal Cleanser) after you complete the cleanse. These products will serve as a transitionary period as your body slowly accustoms to returning back to normal routines.

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    Q: I did the full body cleanse and now I'm almost done with the maintenance regimen. I've maintained my weight lost of 20 lbs and I love the way my body feel. I've implemented the healthy eating into my lifestyle. What do you recommend I take to continue my journey. Please advise.

    A: We're so happy to hear about your success and maintaining those results. We can better suggest what your next step is if you provide us with more insight on what you're looking to achieve next.

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    Q: I've been eating vegan (mostly raw) for nearly 2 years. In the first year, I lost about 60 pounds. I still have about 50 more to lose and it hasn't budged in almost a year. I hear conflicting info about what sort of exercise would be best - cardio vs. strength. And any time I up my exercise, my hunger gets out of control. Any suggestions?


    Thanks for the question. The most efficient way to lose weight from working out are high rep/low weight circuit training and through HIIT (high intensity interval training).

    Your goal should be to increase metabolism and fat burning potential throughout the day. Both HIIT and circuit weight training are both effective. To be maximized you should exercise for 1 hour 5-6 times a week. You could alternate between cardio days and circuit training days. Here is an example.


    Mon: HIIT

    Tues: Circuit training

    Wed: rest

    Thurs: HIIT

    Fri: Circuit training

    Sat: HIIT

    Sun: Rest


    Here is an example of a circuit and  HIIT


    Circuit. 15-20 reps 1 minute rest between sets. repeat for 20-30 minutes. (feel free to use the template and build your own)

    Upper: pushups

    Lower: Squats

    Core: Crunches

    Plyo: Burpees

    Upper: Clean and press or curl to press

    Lower: Alternating weighted lunges

    Core: Reverse crunches

    Plyo: Step ups 


    HIIT (can be done on almost any cardio machine)

    3 minute warmup

    -30 second sprint 

    -1 minute recovery

    *Repeat for 15 minutes to 30 minutes*

    3 minute cool down

    Top fat loss mistakes for cardio and weight training

    Cardio: Doing 1 speed with no resistance cardio. This kills me. Your fat burning potential begins and ends when you do. If it doesn't challenge you it will not change you. Atleast put the resistance on mountain or random. 

    Weight: Resting too long in between sets. Super sets are key here. Work one set while resting the other. Example of a superset is chest press and seated row together. Quad machine and ham machine. Pullup and shoulder press. 

    When you ramp up your metabolism you are going to have to eat more. Losing weight isn't about calories. Losing weight is about nutrient density. Here is a blog I did on eating for fitness and getting lean. http://the-vegan-effect.healthcoach.integrativenutrition.com/blog/2012/05/qa-eating-for-fitness-getting-lean


    Hope that answers your question,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT VLC BMI

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    Q: I am currently doing the Full Body Cleanse and my "meal" is typically a salad. To keep it interesting, I add different vegetables and fruits to it. I am not creative enough to think of other meals that I can possibly eat that consists of only raw foods. Any suggestions. I am struggling and I have two weeks to go.


    A typical detox raw food program looks like this


    Green smoothie: 1 1/2- 2 cups water / 1 cup greens / 3-5 medium pieces of fruit blended.

    (see "Green Smoothie Revolution" Boutenko for more info)

    Bridge: 2-3 medium sized fruits


    Raw Wraps: collard greens as wraps/ tomato, cucumber, bell pepper / fresh herbs / Sauce (salsa/tahini/guacamole/ etc))

    Bridge:2-3 medium pieces of fruit


    Raw pasta: Zuchini sliced with a potato peeler / veggies / Homemade pasta sauce made in blender / sprouted quinoa or legumes 

    Snack: Sorbet: Blended frozen fruit in a blender


    Hope this helps,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC