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For close to a decade (Dherbs, Inc.) has been serving its customers with the finest herbal products on the market. During this time we have seen many changes in the herbal community. In recent years, these changes have been both rapid and constant. Because of the rapid changes experienced in the herbal community, we are constantly reinventing ourselves. By staying current with all of the trends, and advances in herbal formulas we are able to better serve our customers, and provide them with cutting edge herbal products.

Please keep in mind that this change is an on-going process. Our herbal products, prices, and services are adjusted to meet market requirements, and most importantly our customers’ needs. Please feel free to contact your distribution sales representative for current pricing and product availability.

Thank you for choosing Dherbs as your supplier of herbal product, we look forward to helping you grow and prosper in all of your business endeavors.

Reasons to sell Dherbs Products:

  • Excellent business opportunity. We offer a great, diverse product line that includes individual supplements and cleanses!
  • Profitable. Our products are in demand in many niche markets.
  • High-quality products. We sell to small businesses, holistic practices, chiropractors, naturopaths, and more!
  • Solutions for everyone. We sell a variety of herbal supplements that cater to your personal clientele.

How Does The Distributor Program Work?

The Dherbs Distributor Program is absolutely FREE to join and enables members to earn money by only purchasing products that match their needs. Once the contract has been signed and submitted back to Dherbs, you will need to create an account with us or provide the email address to your current Dherbs account. When you complete this step, you will have the option to use the site as a distributor or as a customer to suit your needs. On the distributor side, the products are purchased at 30% off when you purchase a minimum of 12 items.

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