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Author Topic: Sexual Rejuvenation Toning System  (Read 2525 times)

« on: June 23, 2009, 09:52 am » Sexual Rejuvenation Toning System for males (there will also be a female version) is an all-natural, safe and sane, effective herbal-based regimen that helps restore the steam and passion to the male sexual fire so as to rekindle or keep the sexual intimacy alive, well, and burning.

The Sexual Rejuvenation Toning System is a 20-day regimen that consists of six (6) unique plant-based formulas, a crystal elixir, an herbal tea, and an inspirant that will help turn back the hand of time on, in addition to rebooting, the male sexual reproductive system and organs which are generally taxed, impaired, atrophied, and exhausted in most males due to sexual system and organs abuse and misuse predicated upon wholesale ignorance of the human body and the sex act. Sexual Rejuvenation Toning System will rev up the engine of your sex life and HELP improve libido, increase stamina and endurance, enhance penile girth, lengthen hang time of the penis, reverse sexual debility, reverse sexual inhibition and dysfunction, help increase sperm count and quality of semen, reverse overall sexual weakness and exhaustion due to lack of necessary nutrients (usually due to excessive ejaculation without replenishing nutrients such as zinc, molybdenum, and copper).

The SRTS is a body tonic and energizer! It is also a tonic for the male hormonal system and helps to naturally stimulate the production of male hormones: testosterone and androsterone. The SRTS will greatly help to restore the natural sexual capacities and functions of males regardless of age.

The SRTS is NOT a detoxification or cleansing program like most of our other cleanses. It is a tonic and therefore helps to tonify, fortify, strengthen, repair, rebuild, rejuvenate, revivify and boost the male sexual reproductive system.

And the best part of this toning system is that you can engage in sex and work on improving your sexual skills and prowess while raising your sexual IQ. The booklet comes with helpful sex act tips and exercises.

The SRTS is designed to help improve your sex life, to restore a man to the days of his youth. We cannot pretend that sex is not important in our lives here in the Western world. We are not helping our sex lives by taking pharmaceutical drugs (Viagra, Cialis) that give us an unnatural erection and for numerous hours even after the sex act has taken place, and not to mention, that poison our bloodstream and simultaneously taxes our liver the bodys first line of defense.

The SRTS greatly supports organ regeneration. Degeneration can occur when there is misuse and abuse of the sexual organ, such as excessive masturbation, long term use of condoms, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Every integral part of the male reproductive system will benefit from this wonderful and unique system - organs such as the prostate gland, vans deferens, and testicles.

Longer and stiffer erections help bring a woman to her climax, so when you take care of your male sexual reproductive health, you are not only doing this for one person (yourself), but two persons yourself and your partner.

Did you know that males lose approximately 3 mg of zinc with every ejaculation?

Did you know that 1/3 of all infertility cases can be attributed to males?

Did you know that one out of ten young men in the West are impotent?

Male sexual health is suffering due to poor diet, insalubrious lifestyle, stress, and a host of other psychological problem that cause many males serious humiliation and embarrassment behind closed doors.

But you dont have to be a 2-Minute Brutha anymore! You dont have to be called Willie Lump Lump behind your back by your woman.

Sexual disorders, diseases, and dysfunction can all be healed and reversed when you know the causes of them. There are many reasons for sexual dysfunction, including but not limited to:

Poor diet (greasy foods; meat, dairy products, refined starches)

Pressures at work


Mental illness

Everyday stress

Adverse effects of medication

Poisoning from pollution



History of various STDs (perhaps untreated)

Of all of the above, diet is the one sexual distress factor that is most within your control.

While people may try to improve their sex lives through the use of vibrators, pornographic films, waterbeds, mood music, pharmaceutical drugs (Cialis, Viagra), Taoist and Tantric sexual applications, and Kama Sutra, it is becoming evident that what is kept in the kitchen has a greater effect on sexual responsiveness than the gimmicks used in the bedroom.

To maintain the highest possible energy levels, to follow through fully on inclinations to engage in sexual activity, to reach the heights of sexual bliss, and to enjoy repeated and ageless sex, you must get your bodys cellular structures and fluids into perfect harmony. This can be achieved with a full program of sexual nutrition, and sexual nutrition is what Sexual Rejuvenation Toning System provides.

COMING July 2009


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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2010, 12:39 pm »

Hey D,

When is the female verison coming out?


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« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2010, 03:58 pm »

Hey D,

When is the female verison coming out?


Good question!

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