A Healthier Me in 45 Days – Day 25

A Healthier Me in 45 Days – Day 25

Today’s Natural Remedy: Loving Yourself

Relax & Breathe with Essential Oils – Aroma Therapies

Part of a healthy lifestyle is time management and making time for yourself. I always say, “Do what makes you happy (without adverse affects).“ Make time for the things you like to do, at least 2-3 times a week. Personal or creative time is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Write down what it is you would like to do and go for it! You can do anything you want to do, when you put your mind to it staying focused and determined. Love Yourself – Give yourself compliments, hugs and look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself how much you love you. Appreciate yourself and become reconnected with yourself, you come first. Spend quality time with you – Quality Self-Appreciation Time. Don’t be afraid to be alone with you, use the time wisely to do something you normally would not do (as long as it is positive and beneficial) just for you. Take long walks and baths by yourself. Essential oils can be helpful in meditation, healing and just feeling good.

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Essential Oils – Are plant extracts from the leaves, trees, or flowers. True essential oils are pure and undiluted. They have been used throughout history for their therapeutic qualities and are very powerful healing properties, mentally, and spiritually. They help promote balance in your life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. These oils can be worn as perfume (it does not contain alcohol and is long lasting), or used as massage oil, bath oil (3-6 drops), or a compress, depending on the need. Some oils are soothing, while others are uplifting or stimulating. Here are some essential oils and their healing properties.

Common Essential Oils and their healing properties……

Eucalyptus Oil

> Purifies negative energy, concentration

> Heals, grief, sorrow, respiratory conditions

> Muscle aches, antibiotic, flu, burns

> Colds, pains, mental exhaustion, cuts

Frankincense Oil

> Meditation, inspiration, joy, assertiveness

> Intuition, inner guidance, performance

> Arthritis, mental fatigue, peace

> Respiratory problems, aging skin

Jasmine Oil

> Dreams, optimism, romance

> Happiness, self-esteem, peace

> Antidepressant, stimulant, antiseptic

> Stress, aphrodisiac, skin conditions

Lavender Oil

> Spiritual love, relaxing, balancing

> Intuition, peace, aphrodisiac

> Headache, anti-depressant, tension

> Cuts, burns, bites, scars, aches NaAshaRa Yvette Bacote-El: Author of  “Winning the Game of Life – A 45 Day Guide to Healthy Lifestyle”

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