Day 37

Today’s Natural Remedy: Herbs for HIV & STD’s

It is going to be okay…

The key here is keeping the immune system strong and staying positive. Having HIV or a STD is not the end of the world; however, you must make some changes in your lifestyle if you want to truly heal. It starts with unconditionally loving yourself. Love yourself so much that you eat well, fresh fruits and vegetables, less preservatives and cooked foods. Exercise 10 minutes a day to get the heart pumping, allowing the oxygen to flow to the brain and all the other important cells throughout the body; get proper rest, good restful sleep on an empty stomach, allows the body to repair itself while you sleep and not spend the time digesting food.

Accept what is and move on, not wallowing in self-pity about the choices you made, make a plan to make things better, easier. Relief comes quicker when we do not worry; worrying blocks opportunities and future blessings. Detox! Drink and eat alkaline water and foods. It has been said that disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. All viruses, diseases, and illness are a build-up of toxins, parasites, worms, and/or yeast, coupled with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Correct the vitamin and mineral deficiencies, get rid of the toxins, parasites, worms, and yeast or get them under control. Then the body is balanced working properly.

Natural Remedies for HIV & Herpes…
Black walnut, oranges, wormwood, lemon balm, cloves, sage, peppermint oil, oregano oil, cinnamon oil and more. For more on HIV/AIDS visit: AIDS and HIV

Natural Remedies for Genital Herpes visit: Genital Herpes 


Today’s Positive Affirmation:
I keep my thoughts positive
4 my thoughts Create My Reality!
I Am Determined 2 Succeed!
I will Turn my fears n2 Stepping Stones,
My doubt n2 Confidence,
Obstacles n2 Opportunities,
My anger n2 Self control 2 B Successful!

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