Epsom Salt Flush

A quick & easy detox

The liver is responsible for assisting with digesting food, absorb nutrients, and cleanse the body of toxins. Your liver is one of the largest organs in your body on the right side of your stomach under your rib cage. When the liver works well, the whole body works well. Eating fatty foods causes digestive disorders and drinking alcohol creates liver and gall bladder disorders, primarily gallstones. Gallstones form from too much fat in the diet. Detoxing the liver is essential to optimum health.

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The flushing the liver and gall bladder stimulates and cleanses the organs starting the healing process, assisting with overcoming addictions and preventing illness, like HIV, Herpes and Hepatitis. During this cleansing, you may find small to medium size, light green or dark green gallstones in your stool. If you have many stones, the flush could be repeated in two weeks.

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The Epsom Salt Flush

Decide you are going to do the flush a week ahead of time and you have two (2) consecutive days to relax – no fasting is required.

  • For six (6) days, let’s use Monday through Saturday as an example, drink as much 100% apple juice you can with your regular meals.
  • On the sixth (6th) day, in our example – Saturday eat a normal lunch.
  • Three hours later, take one tablespoon of Epsom Salt dissolved in one-quarter cup of warm water.
  • Two hours later, take one tablespoon of Epsom Salt dissolved in one-quarter cup of warm water.
  • For dinner, drink a pineapple or citrus smoothie for your meal.
  • At bedtime, drink one-half cup of warm unrefined extra-virgin olive oil blended with one-half cup of fresh organic lemon juice (if possible).
  • Go to bed immediately. Lie on your right side with your knees pulled up close to your chest for thirty minutes. Soon you will use the bathroom.
  • The next morning, one hour before breakfast, take one tablespoon of Epsom Salt dissolved in one-quarter cup warm water.
  • Your flush is complete. You should feel lighter and cleaner.

To see your results, use a strainer when using the bathroom to collect the stones passed.

Today’s Positive Affirmation:

I Seek the truth 4 it will set me free.
I Listen closely 4 the truth shall always B revealed.
No matter how painful at first….
Truth is the only way 2 Peace & Unconditional Love,
The Creator is The Truth &
So Am I –
The Truth!

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