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THE SKIN I LIVE IN; 100 POUNDS & DOWN! – Day 6 & 7


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Good attitude ?

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A good attitude and keeping busy is unquestionably what kept me afloat this weekend as I balanced my new diet plan. Having a support system, whether its one or two people is going to be a saving grace for you also…trust me, it has definitely been that for me.

I woke up Saturday morning excited because I’d made it to Saturday without compromising my decision to change. I thought to myself this Type II Diabetes is gonna get its tail whooped one way or another! I’m armed with my DHERBS cleanse, exercise and a support team around me. Winning isn’t easy and it sure as hell feels like something in the process, ya know? I had put things in order and felt victorious, hopeful that I could do this, that I can win therefore making the difference in my life and adding years to it. Again, there I go sounding all profound, right?

Well, It was some weekend and it did have its ups and downs.

Wrote a song `bout it, like ta hear it, here it go! What the “bleep” was I thinking, going cold turkey with no damn turkey? Where were the angels of all that is rich and fattening, tasty and fried when I made this decision to uhm, “better my life”. I mean, who in the hell left the gate open so they could escape?

Saturday held a lot of inspiring moments and anecdotes from some of my favorite friends and people; however none of those things, stories, people or pushes satisfied the hunger pain I was having. When it was said, “man shall not live by bread alone” I most definitely thought he was saying that I should partake in all things ham, fried and creamy! And now I have to go through an entire LA day with a bag of nuts and packed fruit to survive? I mean really!?

And really, that’s what I did. This figuring it out as you go plan is something of a headache. I’ve never cooked raw food, damn-it, raw food has never been cooked! Lol. But, the mere thought of caving now is more than disheartening. It’s Not An Option. You see? I’m a firm believer that it took a lot to get it on, so it’s going to take something New in me to get it off and defeat this disease that takes so many lives unexpectedly.

I guess when you hear the term “raw food” there’s an automatic dislike emblem that stamps itself across your forehead. Lol. I’m still battling with my “old” taste buds and I’ve found out the hard way, their ass aren’t going anywhere without a fight!

Something inside of me all weekend has nudged… “if you don’t get me a piece of chicken there may be some kind of spontaneous combustion that will eventually take course inside of me”. Well, needless to say, that didn’t happen. But I do want to talk about the discomforts that come as you’re transitioning into a new space and way of living.

Being uncomfortable will become the least of your worries. The discomfort is your body naturally acting out just as a child would. It wants what it wants and that’s just it. But you, me, we have to be the masters of what thinking we ascribe to. I will not get chin checked by my belly or my taste buds! I recall a friend saying to me, “we need to eat for energy, not taste”, of course I thought, “Shut D hell up!” But how many times have you eaten something and instead of wanting to get a move on it; you decide to sit down on it instead.

I had my “eureka or ah ha” moment as Oprah would say on Sunday while dining with friends. I was sitting at the table whilst people piled gobs of ranch dressing on their salads, eating bread and filling themselves with iced tea, lobster, steak and chicken. Granted, I thought, ”I could have just one piece of bread, right? No sooner the thought came the evidence that I had the wrong idea. It wasn’t about what I could eat because truly I can eat what I want, it became about what I should eat. Not much of an epiphany, but it did give me the strength to do none of what I’d originally wanted.

If I have to pack a bag, I’d rather that than wrap up and amputated leg. It boils down to making the decision.

This weekend was a rough one but a victorious one. It was me finally becoming ok with what I’ve decided to do…again. I say again because there are constant reminders all around the city that say stop and taste this. Today, I’ll just have another taste…of life.

See y’all Monday. God only knows what obstacles will be there waiting for me.


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  • Q: My 14 year old cousin's mom has checked her into to mental hospital. This entire school year she has ben dealing with alot going into high school, and other teen age issues. Her birth father is not in the home but, her mom has a pretty good man, that steps up, and does a good job with her two children. However, she has been battling with her weight, although she wasn't over weight she didn't feel thin enough like the other children at her school. Her mom found Hydroxycut in her room, and all hair feel out. This past weekend went to her mom's boyfriend and told him she tried to overdose on pills to kill herself, because of all the pressure. Her mom had her in therapy behind the weightloss issue, she thought she was ok, until this last suicidal mission. Is there any help or advice you can render. I told her mom that the hospital thing was a horrible idea due to the medication that they will be administering and other brain washing methods they use to further F*** you up so that when you are release you a labeled, and sure to be crazy. D-Herbs at 14 this is insane, her mom has given up hope, and gave her chiild into the hands of the enemy. I am conscious and try to talk to her but it doesn't seem to work.


    That's an unfortunate situation. Have the mother read the information on Dherbs.com or schedule a consultation so she can speak with me live and direct. These are the only ways I know to help, Beloved. I'm also about to write an article on DEPRESSION, and the DANGERS OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS. Hang in there and know that your cousin wrote her own life script (before she was born), so she is gaining an experience so as to learn a life lesson for her soul's purpose. It doesn't make sense on a lower level, but on a higher level, it all will add up and make sense. God's hand is over everything, even those things that appear bad.

  • Q: I read most of your articles. Love them. What you say is 100% correct. See for me. I believe that God has put me here for a reason. I have been blessed with the ability to for see things and when I think about something hard enough BAM!! I think of someone and they show up, so in regards to my current situation YES. I did have a hand in this. I keep thinking of not wanting to get HIV. Didn’t want to hear about or talk about it. Then two months before getting my initial test. It was on my mind. Then I got a physical and I was like no going to take this test but went ahead anyway and here we are. Do I believe in it? Not anymore. I now believe in blood toxicity. I am not freaking out about outbreaks because I don't have any. What I want is to know how to shape my mind. Do I need Chakra balance? What can I do to stop the thoughts? How do I reverse my mind to stop thinking on things. I try so hard to see happy things and feel happy thoughts. BTW in Jan I thought about a cold sore and it appeared.


    Thanks for explaining all that! I think the MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL is right up your alley, Beloved. It'll be up next week. So glad you enjoy my articles, Beloved! You are a powerful person and you will be dangerous (in a good way) when you learn the power of your mind. Peace and Love!

  • Q: I heard you today on The Warren Ballentine Show. I have been trying to convince people to eat right for months. My question to you is, for the last 6 months I have not eaten beef, or pork, I have eaten chicken about 5 times, but only white meat(breast, baked). I mostly just eat fish and turkey,(turkey bacon, turkey sausage, and ground turkey). I feel a whole lot better I was wondering if eating the turkey was still causing harm? And by the way I don?t eat any dairy or bread!


    Oh, please read our article " WHAT IS MEAT?" under "Articles" on our site. Your answer lies there in that article. All meat is harmful! But you're off to a great start! Peace!

  • Q: Have you ever thought about expanding to the Houston, TX area? If so can I help? I have a high passion to teach people about nutrition, and herbal healing. It's because you I recently stop eating meat. Also do you talk to churches, if so could you talk to mine. I am willing to give up everything I do right now to fight against this horrible epidemic of Western Medicine.


    I could use all the help available! It's not easy being one person. I just need people who are committed though. And yes, I talk to plenty of churches here in California. I will talk to anyone who listens. I even teach health and nutrition from a Biblical perspective too. I only require hotel lodging, airline (United Airlines only), ground transportation, and if possible, a love offering. I'm always available to speak to God's people. Always! Thank you Elton! Thank you for your interest. There's no greater service today in the world than servicing people. Peace and Love!

  • Q: You are absolutely right. I just read this e-mail but went to the market earlier and really had to look at myself. I have more money on my feet than I wanted to spend on what I put into myself. I am happy that I made that distinction and choose organic. Money is no option when it comes to my health anymore. Thanks for keeping it real. That?s exactly what I need! Today is my first day and I am extremely excited about living a different life. Ok, I'm ready to cleanse...again. I've decided to focus on cultivating my feminine self so I've purchased your Female Cleanse as a start. I have one question though. I was wondering if adding 15 minute sunbathing to the cleanse would be helpful? The sun appears to be quite healing so I thought it may complement the cleanse. Also, would it be unwise to start the cleanse if one is on their cycle?


    Sunbathing won't hurt your cleanse. Not at all! And no, being on your menses also won't hurt or impair your cleanse.

  • Q: I recently went to the hospital and I thought I had the virus in the hospital the nurses were very negative towards me. I was given bad medication and as a result I had all the symptoms of the virus when I left the hospital and I am still testing negative and I feel like they have given me bad meds to try to kill me. I don't look the same every time I drink something that has acid in it, it makes my skin turn red and now when I go out I feel that everyone with the virus know what the hospital has done to me people just laugh knowing that the hospital nurse gave me a HIV cocktail. What can I do? I have been to the doctor numerous times and it seems like every thing I touch has germs and it’s getting inside of my body. I was treated really unfair. Now in the community where I live also.





    Correct! Don't worry too much about the starchy vegetables. Just think of grains!

  • Q: My son is 5 years old. At first I thought he was just shy kid. I noticed is shyness is holding him back at school, including friends and family. He is withdrawing. I read about anxiety, it sounds 100% like him. He used to be so happy, now mood swings, and gets angry quick. What can I do to help him?


    Give our Magical Alchemical Elixir a try for your son!

    Product Links:
    Magical Alchemical Elixir

  • Q: Dear Sir, I was told that you were going to be sending me an email about my situation. I've wrote you a few times giving you bits and pieces of information it seems. I was asking one of your representatives about surgery and from the information I gave him he seems to think that I didn't give you all the information that I should have. Well about 13 years ago a lump formed in my breast after my 4th child was born. For years it's just been there. In 2005, after a mammogram they found calcifications in my breast. They did a biopsy and it came back fine. Six months later they decided that they wanted to remove the lump and when they did they found a small tumor. Since then I've taken herbs and God completely healed me. Well after another six months the lump came back but I didn't want any more surgery so I looked up poultice in my "Back to Eden" book and found a poultice that I used. I mixed flax seed meal, yellow corn meal, and funnelgreek tea together and left the poultice on my breast overnight for three nights. My breast began to get sensitive so I stopped using it. About a week later I noticed that the ducted around my nipple was indented, soon after that my nipple itself went inward, then after that I noticed what I thought was another lump in my breast but over a short period of time the lump extended from my armpit to my nipple. Now that whole area is hard and red. I got an ultrasound done and it revealed that I have swelling and cystic form in my breast. They want to do a biopsy but I am against it from what happened last time. Now I have pain in my arm also and at night I can barely sleep. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do except maybe go ahead and let me cut my breast. I have started your Detox program and I know it's working on my body but I don't want if it's doing anything for my swollen tissue inside my breast. I have lost my concentration because I'm constantly reminded about my breast because of the pain. I am a full time student but I'm thinking about dropping out of my classes until this issue is resolved because I can't focus on anything but the pain right now. I went a different doctor on 10/27/08 and they did a cvc (whatever that is) looking for an infection inside my body. The test came back normal, but my scheduled ultrasound is not for another week and I've told them that I'm in pain and need something done now. But they said that's the first available time.


    It appears the pain is just too unbearable for you and as such you may have to give in to the surgery in order to get immediate but short term relief. I had a friend who experienced what you experienced and the pain was so unbearable she couldn't sleep. I felt for her and I feel for you. I think you must do what is necessary for elimination or reduction of pain first and foremost. The FULL BODY DETOX (FBD) is helping your swollen tissues, but it seems you mind is so distracted that you are in doubt mode and doubt is the subconscious will to fail. If you know you can't do what you need to do (naturally) to deal with this situation, do what you must for present day relief. You have free will here, Beloved! Please use FEMALE BREAST OIL and Drink FEMALE HEALTH TEA during your FBD.

  • Q: I need to get the Thyroid Formula again for myself. Also I was thinking of getting the Fertility Cleanse as well. I have gotten pregnant, but I miscarried early in the pregnancy. My tubes are clear; my husband has a good sperm count and motility. My thought was that your kit couldn't hurt to try. Yet I'm not sure I need to do all of it. Meaning I don't have any yeast problems, never had a disease, etc. What is your thought on this? Just do it all anyway and treat the whole area?



  • Q: I just finished your FULL BODY DETOX and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN). I do feel much better however I am still having a constant discharge from my penis foreskin. Dr's who have looked at it say it is not herpes but if not then what? It has discharged since mid November and has not stopped. There is no pain associated with it directly but whenever a get tingling in my feet it feels that that as is the source of the problem. Someone told me they had tingling because of acidic body but then what about this discharge? Is it an infection? All normal STD's were negative but after hearing what the Dr's said I didn't get a blood test. Again I want to say that I think your products are fantastic and have made me much healthier. I did eat some sushi with brown rice, avocado, and kim chi after the kit and woke up the next morning with a headache and sore throat. Also I felt a throb under one of my arms which I had prior to taking the anti-viral kit. Maybe a lymph node? I had a number of raw food meals at a restaurant that used dehumidifier and nuts or seeds in most of their things and would also feel the tingling sometimes after eating this. I have read on some sites that herpes can be set off by nuts so I'm wondering. Anyway where should I go now to completely clear my body of any of these penis sensations discharges and tingling? Also I wanted to say that wow I have had a lot of mucus coming out of my body and my guess is there is probably more that wants to come.


    Your solution is not in anything external such as the kits (FULL BODY DETOX (FBD) and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN). They only assist you. Your chronic problem means further work. Keep detoxing, eating a strict diet, etc. until the discharge goes away. Also, you are being compelled by your body to reassess and revise some things pertaining to your sexual belief system. The problem is with the penis so the underlying problem is pertaining to your sexuality. Tell you what: concentrate on your colon and reproductive system. Alternate between the FBD and the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE until you get your results. Healing requires patience! But deal with the underlying problem! What have you been doing sexually or what are your beliefs pertaining to sex? Are they healthy? You have a discharge because something (belief, thought) needs to be discharged.

  • Q: I am beginning a career as an artist but I am a single mother. I have worked in many corporate offices as a temp. I have attempted attending schools for things I thought would make me money. I really want to be a successful artist but I also have to take care of my son and work on art and work on my freelance contracts. I do not make the money I want or live where I want to live yet. I help my mother with her bills, I buy groceries and cook for everyone, I work at my uncles center for children and out of an art gallery at the homeless shelter as well as attend courses regarding the art business. I am doing it all without acquiring debt but I would like to know if it sounds like I am doing enough. I live a very lonely life, no real friends, no boyfriend. The only "kicks" I get are smoking a little weed and drinking a little wine here and there. I take my son to school and pick him up daily. I made sure I got him into one of the top schools in my city I also try to teach him and read to him as much as possible and keep him out of trouble. It gets hard. How do I stay motivated? I think the thing that bothers me most is uncertainty and the lack of money I have right now. How do I get to the next level financially without acquiring debt or having to fight traffic and deal with crazy attitudes every day?


    I apologize for the very delayed response, we have been experiencing technical difficulties.  I first would like to commend you on your ability to prioritize in such an effective manner.  Your life sounds like one lived in great service to  and love of others.  However, it is also VERY important that you receive energy from others so that you do not become too imbalanced.  Balance in life is crucial in all things (spiritual, physical, cognitive, relational etc).

    Your loneliness is your heart's/spirit's way of asking for relational balance.  It will continue asking louder and cause difficulties in other areas of your life/being until you create this balance.  Your substance use (and thank you for your honesty) only temporarily masks the loneliness, but drugs can only make it worse.  You see, drugs block us from becoming skilled at creating healthy relationships because they numbs us by turning down the volume on our brain's natural pleasure-centers.

    Additionally; keep in mind:  Your first fruits are always to be consumed by YOU!  You must always place yourself first, even before your son.  In example:  Airlines direct you that in the event of trouble you are to place your own oxygen mask on first.  You can be of no use to your son if you are unconscious due to lack of oxygen.  Similarly, if you give all of your fruits to others, you will have no "seed" or energy to produce more fruit.  

    You must give to you first!  Then you have the energy to give to others.  It teaches others how to give to you, how to love you, how to respect you and your needs while giving them the opportunity to reciprocate by giving to you.  This is how we balance giving.  Don't worry if it feels selfish at first, it definitely will seem that way, to you and possibly others.  Its just the change of tides making everyone feel a bit uncomfortable - but this will balance out in time as you become  more skilled at receiving and feel more worthy of others' care .

    I realize you have asked several other questions, however I have addressed the one I feel will help unblock your energy and allow you to see that the answers to the other questions have always been right before you.  We are born with everything we need to accomplish our goals, we only need to focus on the proper utilization of these gifts and resources.  If you couple this skill with fearlessness and belief in oneself, you will win.

    This communication does not constitute a client/coach relationship.  This is for information purposes only.

    Life is simply beautiful! 

    Enjoy your Self!

  • Q: Hello... I apologize for the length of this because I understand how precious your time is. About 2 weeks ago I had a one-night stand. We used a flavored condom. A few days after I began to have some vaginal itching, which I disregarded as yeast infection I took some black walnut hulls but that did and the itching subsided it a bit. I decided to buy some vagisil (I know its toxic but the itching was unbearable and I wanted immediate relief so badly.) Later on that day my clitoris began to burn but I thought it was from the vagisil. Fast-forward 2 days I looked at my vagina in a mirror and noticed there was a small scab on clitoris. Immediately thought I had herpes. I read your article on herpes and thought I needed to detox my body immediately I have been living unrighteous and it is time to live righteously! I forgave myself for abusing myself with alcohol and weed and unrighteous sex. I then forgave the person for giving me herpes. I'm grateful I had that encounter because it taught me to become center and grounded. I ordered the full body detox, which I am on currently and thought maybe I should do the anti viral kit & regimen afterwards. However I did not get tested for herpes and I may not even have it. I did not want to get tested because I did not want it on the books that I have herpes. I fully agree and over stand there are no incurable diseases. MY body is in a diseased state and blood is toxic. My question is should I get tested after the anti viral regimen kit if I have never been diagnosed with the disease. And I am also a college student with limited funds and not sure if I should invest in the kit because I do not have any money right now. I'M not having sex again until it is with a soul mate. I do want to take an HIV test to show my soul mate I do not have that disease. (in case he asks) I have never taken one of those before. Will it come back negative after the full body detox? I'm not sure what to do from here. Thank you for time. I truly appreciate your site. If I had not found your site I would not be a vegetarian to day and I would not know how to heal myself. I excited about my new path of living positively!


    I would suggest you read our article "Genital Herpes". Sound likes you learned a serious lesson. Now it's time to heal. I would recommend performing the Anti-Viral kit followed by the Full Body Detox and if you can only order one product, I'd say give the Anti-Viral a try. Please read our free health articles. they will further stimulate thinking.

  • Q: I am writing you with concern for my father. He is 54 years old, and was just diagnosed with an enlarged heart. He is very worried, and to be honest I am too. I told him that he immediately needs to go on the Full Body Detox. Start a raw foods diet that includes no meats, and no dairy. Do you think he should get a colonic? Should he get it first? He began running this morning, and has been walking in the evenings. He has a HUGE stomach. It looks as if he is about 8 months pregnant. SOLID! We live in the Philadelphia Area and we are Muslim. The only person we know that is GOOD as far as colonics is a female, and he has some reservations about that. My mother always says "Do what you gotta do". What steps should he take to heal his body? In what order? I know it may be kind of hard to diagnose, or give steps to a third person. I am really concerned, and afraid that his concern may cause more damage to his heart. I am almost certain that my father would not mind talking to you. He may be impressed with your knowledge. All the herbalist we know thus far have been women. As soon as he told us of his illness I immediately thought of you. I pray that you can help us. We all as a family need to get our health together. PLEASE HELP US the best way you can. . . . .


    It's the easiest thing to take care of. Detox the body with the Full Body Detox followed by the 10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse. He will drink Hearty Heart tea during both cleanses. The man has eaten himself into this condition via poor diet so reversed diet is the way out. More raw foods (fruits and vegetable), vegetable juice.

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse
    Hearty Heart Tea

  • Q: Thought I would let you know about my experience with Dherbs FULL BODY DETOX system. I am a healthy 33 year old woman who 5'4" 170. I changed my diet back in March in an effort to lose weight and it has been working. I heard about your product on the Russ Parr Moring show and had visited your site contemplating ordering. I consulted with my mom who is HEAVY into herbs and alternative healing. She and I read your product ingredients together and she confirmed that the listed herbs are very good cleansing agents and should be safe. I ordered a few weeks ago to assist in my weight loss but actually started the detox on Monday Sept 1st. The first day went well and I saw results immediately. The second day produced results also but almost immediately after taking the 7pm pills I had a pressure that moved around in my head. I did not hurt but it was different from anything that I have ever felt. Then my face began to tighten up and twitch. These effects lasted for about 5 minutes. The next day, Sept 3rd, I did not use the pills and was fine. This morning Sept 4th I took the 7am pills within minutes I experienced the same symptoms. After consulting my doctor and my mother I decided to cease the system because it seemed that my nerves were being affected. What do you think caused it and how do I get my money back?


    I can't and won't spend a lot of time in this response because it's so common and too much information on it already exists on the site (i.e. Detox Trouble-Shooter, article "Healing Crisis" "Is This Normal?) 1. Please read the article "HEALING CRISIS". 2. Please read the article "IS THIS NORMAL?" 3. Please read "DETOX TROUBLESHOOTING" ("Twitching"). 4. Please read FAQ ("FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE") near bottom of the page (which explains that there are no refunds for healing crisis symptoms). Healing crisis is POSITIVE and is a sign much needed healing and cleansing is taking place. Clearly you have damaged nerves that really needed addressing and it's taking place but your fear predicated upon ignorance is stopping the process. You experience healing crisis and panic and want to stop the healing and desire a refund. We don't refund for misunderstandings, fear, social programming, etc. Healing crisis don't last forever! Many people experience healing crisis but still stick with the program. Read some of the testimonials on the site ("TESTIMONIAL PAGE").

  • Q: My Doctor wants me to start using the Cholesterol medication, Zocor. He says my high cholesterol is due to genetics. I'm not crazy about the idea of using this medication that he says may affect my liver. I've tried lowering the 'bad' cholesterol with diet and exercise. What are my natural food options? Thanks! After you do the full body detox and want to pursue other cleanses do you have to stay on a raw diet. Can you eat cooked beans or the herbs won’t be as effective? I’m a college student and I need food for thought and sometimes things aren’t accessible.


    I'd recommend you start taking CHOLESTEROL BUSTER, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, and INTESTINAL JANITOR (Fiber). Food-wise, all fruits and vegetables will help lower your cholesterol levels. Avoid meat and dairy products if your cholesterol levels are high.

  • Q: I have read about your detox system on your site and others. Here is the product that I am thinking about purchasing: Full Body Detox I have some questions... 1) Is there a diet plan or eating plan that comes with this order? and 2) I have 100 pounds to lose and am thinking about going on the Medifast plan. That is a high (vegetable) protein diet with no fruit and not a lot of vegetables allowed. Would these supplements in the detox plan help my organs that might be taxed a bit on this diet with very little vegetables and no fruit? I am skeptical about #2...I think raw fruits and vegetables are so important inour diets, yet, I do need to drop weight fast. I look forward to any thoughts that you might have.


    Yes, the Full Body Cleanse comes with a dietary regimen prescribing an all-raw foods diet (fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds). This means no meat, dairy, grains, or processed foods.

  • Q: Your products as a whole all look interesting really. But I thought I would ask about the anti-viral kit. My mother was actually diagnosed with herpes a few years back due to a jackass of a husband she had. I know she's been taking the suppressive medication for it. I personally do not have much faith in modern medicine. I don't really trust doctors, they are easily paid off by big pharmaceutical companies. Anyway, is the single kit generally enough to rid a person of their viral problems? I am sure there's many factors on this but in general is it enough? Personally am even thinking of purchasing it for myself as well as the other cleanse products. I have been reading a lot about the ph diets and while I don't believe my diet is as bad as most Americans. I would like to run some complete cleanse stuff on me. Probably all of them actually. Make sure to get out everything. Virus bacteria and acidic deposits. So even will probably look at your std cleanse.


    In many cases, only one kit is necessary to eradicate the herpes virus. For more severe cases, some individuals may need to also perform the Full Body Cleanse or perform 2 Anti-Viral Kits to strengthen the immune system and continue to fight against viral disease and infection.

  • Q: I am a marathon runner, swimmer, and part time student. For my Entire Life since age 13 1/2, I?ve had either anorexia or bulimia, sometimes a bit of both. I am now 41. Yes, my teeth are hurting. Yes, I realize this is supposedly not optimal health, but I suppose my life has been so stressful for such a long time, that my eating 'disorder'edness has just been the coping mechanism that has kept me sane. Thing is, I realize I want to live a long, healthy life, and I need help. My thought is that a cleanse of some sort of toxins might really help me. Would you have any herbs to offer I could do that with, say, in tea form? Or any other sage. I really seriously hope you respond because I need help.


    The Full Body Cleanse will greatly help your body to remove toxins.

    One of our teas you will want to drink daily is the Detox Tea, along with a number of other teas. Please check our online store for a full list.

  • Q: I have completed the Pancreas Cleanse, and I'm finishing up the Full Body Detox, I'm very disappointed! Reason being, I thought I would have dropped a lot of the extra weight, and I didn't. I did all raw foods, and started preparing raw snacks, made with nuts and dried fruits. In fact, I think I was eating too many raw nuts. I'm still working to help my body heal from the diabetes, but not sure where to go from here. I still want to lose 35 lbs, and I will continue to eat raw at least 85% to 90%, but I need help with supplements. Where do I go from here? By the way is their any reason why, I lost more weight on the Pancreas Cleanse, instead of the Full Body Detox?


    Too many raw nuts could cause a feeling of being bloated, but nuts are pretty good to eat while detoxing. Most people don't have a problem with nuts, while cleansing. Okay, so you have diabetes and the weight is from the diabetes association, correct? It is ideal to first perform the Full Body Detox, followed by the Pancreas Cleanse. If you don't release the full 35 pounds of weight with these 2 kits, you then perform either the 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanse, or the Weight Release Cleanse. Also, whether cleansing or not, drink 2 cups of Pancreas Tea daily. If the weight (waste), is due to the diabetes then your body responded to the contents of the Pancreas Cleanse (because your body needed it), and this is a sign that you should only be performing the Pancreas Cleanse, and not the other cleanses I named above.

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    10 Day Supreme Colon Cleanse
    Pancreas Tea
    Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen
    Pancreas Cleanse and Regimen