THE SKIN I LIVE IN; 100 POUNDS & DOWN! – Day 6 & 7

THE SKIN I LIVE IN; 100 POUNDS & DOWN! – Day 6 & 7


S a t u r d a y

Travel Bag:

Oranges ?
Plum ?
Nuts ?
Dried fruit ?
Distilled Water ?
Good attitude ?

Merge Summit 2012 with Niecy Nash and the cast of TV Lands The Soul Man,
Guest performer for the 2012 She Cares Foundation Celebrity Basketball Game
Song Writing Session with Wendy Parr
Jam Session with John Morayniss

A good attitude and keeping busy is unquestionably what kept me afloat this weekend as I balanced my new diet plan. Having a support system, whether its one or two people is going to be a saving grace for you also…trust me, it has definitely been that for me.

I woke up Saturday morning excited because I’d made it to Saturday without compromising my decision to change. I thought to myself this Type II Diabetes is gonna get its tail whooped one way or another! I’m armed with my DHERBS cleanse, exercise and a support team around me. Winning isn’t easy and it sure as hell feels like something in the process, ya know? I had put things in order and felt victorious, hopeful that I could do this, that I can win therefore making the difference in my life and adding years to it. Again, there I go sounding all profound, right?

Well, It was some weekend and it did have its ups and downs.

Wrote a song `bout it, like ta hear it, here it go! What the “bleep” was I thinking, going cold turkey with no damn turkey? Where were the angels of all that is rich and fattening, tasty and fried when I made this decision to uhm, “better my life”. I mean, who in the hell left the gate open so they could escape?

Saturday held a lot of inspiring moments and anecdotes from some of my favorite friends and people; however none of those things, stories, people or pushes satisfied the hunger pain I was having. When it was said, “man shall not live by bread alone” I most definitely thought he was saying that I should partake in all things ham, fried and creamy! And now I have to go through an entire LA day with a bag of nuts and packed fruit to survive? I mean really!?

And really, that’s what I did. This figuring it out as you go plan is something of a headache. I’ve never cooked raw food, damn-it, raw food has never been cooked! Lol. But, the mere thought of caving now is more than disheartening. It’s Not An Option. You see? I’m a firm believer that it took a lot to get it on, so it’s going to take something New in me to get it off and defeat this disease that takes so many lives unexpectedly.

I guess when you hear the term “raw food” there’s an automatic dislike emblem that stamps itself across your forehead. Lol. I’m still battling with my “old” taste buds and I’ve found out the hard way, their ass aren’t going anywhere without a fight!

Something inside of me all weekend has nudged… “if you don’t get me a piece of chicken there may be some kind of spontaneous combustion that will eventually take course inside of me”. Well, needless to say, that didn’t happen. But I do want to talk about the discomforts that come as you’re transitioning into a new space and way of living.

Being uncomfortable will become the least of your worries. The discomfort is your body naturally acting out just as a child would. It wants what it wants and that’s just it. But you, me, we have to be the masters of what thinking we ascribe to. I will not get chin checked by my belly or my taste buds! I recall a friend saying to me, “we need to eat for energy, not taste”, of course I thought, “Shut D hell up!” But how many times have you eaten something and instead of wanting to get a move on it; you decide to sit down on it instead.

I had my “eureka or ah ha” moment as Oprah would say on Sunday while dining with friends. I was sitting at the table whilst people piled gobs of ranch dressing on their salads, eating bread and filling themselves with iced tea, lobster, steak and chicken. Granted, I thought, ”I could have just one piece of bread, right? No sooner the thought came the evidence that I had the wrong idea. It wasn’t about what I could eat because truly I can eat what I want, it became about what I should eat. Not much of an epiphany, but it did give me the strength to do none of what I’d originally wanted.

If I have to pack a bag, I’d rather that than wrap up and amputated leg. It boils down to making the decision.

This weekend was a rough one but a victorious one. It was me finally becoming ok with what I’ve decided to do…again. I say again because there are constant reminders all around the city that say stop and taste this. Today, I’ll just have another taste…of life.

See y’all Monday. God only knows what obstacles will be there waiting for me.