Abraham McDonald Day 8
Monday morning, up and at uhm! It’s a beautiful Cali day, feeling good in my hood. It’s funny the things you learn about yourself when your daily rituals change. And I mean you learn fast too! I’m not so nice when I’m really hungry. Lol.

For years I’ve been able to work the entire day without any grumbles or hunger pains, no fussing or fighting; but now when I’m hungry the boxing gloves come out. At first I thought I was imagining things; “I couldn’t be This upset over who moved the spoon” kind of thing, but as it turns out, as a T2D (Type II Diabetic) one of the most frequented emotional tangents is anger when hungry or blood sugar is low.

Who would have thought that not having some applesauce could make a person go Postal? Well, like I’ve been saying, it’s an everyday learning experience. When I got rid of the dairy and meet, poultry etc and foods cooked at high temperatures I hadn’t realized how my mood would be connected to my eating habits and food choices. Nevertheless, I’m getting a grip. Really! I’m adding more foods that would not otherwise make the weekly grocery list, snow peas and hicama, hummus and Greek olives, hell kale for that matter. Every day I try something new at home or in a restaurant. The point is my dedication is leading me in a new food direction.

Check this out, a breakfast or lunch smoothie recipe I came up with myself! And guess what folks; it is delicious!


The “Thank God its Monday” Smoothie.

Makes three servings.

1 banana broken up
1 cup of fresh cantaloupe
1 cup of fresh spinach
The juice from 1 whole orange
The juice from ½ a lemon
2 full celery sticks, (tops are optional)
2 cups of ice
1 teaspoon of Agave nectar

In a blender add half of you ice and ½ of the OJ, pulse until mixed, add your bananas, cantaloupe and keep the blender going until smooth, add your spinach, blend on high, add the other half of your OJ and the lemon juice continue blending, add celery the other half of your ice and a bit of agave to taste. Pour in a glass and enjoy a bit of heaven.

Part of eating better for me is eating Fun, cooking, preparing and trying new things is what keeps me alive and well in this process. Figure out your flow so you can Go Get It!

In the last 24 hours I’ve had Cheesy Kelp Noodles (all raw) Sushi with no fish or rice, just veggies, mmm good and even…check this out… Raw Nachos, the best!

See you in a bit.