I’d Rather Have A Mood Swing Than Swing On You

Just another day in LA; Gym, rehearsal, studio and filming… sounds like fun, I know; but having a to do all of that and balance your blood sugar can be a task. Preparation is my new thing. I’m not so disciplined, and if I’m honest…I’m not disciplined at All, lol. I’m getting the hang of it though. Nightly I set up my supplement pocket case, I prepare my breakfast smoothie and try to plan out what I’ll eat for lunch and dinner the next day. Sounds like a lot but not really when you know that your blood sugar levels affect your mood and energy. I just like to have it set up so I don’t go off.

I know I talk about attitude and mood a lot, but it seems that those are two factors that often send people off track, ultimately making them quit on themselves. Nope, I haven’t had one thought of quitting though I have had a moment or two of “bleep this bleep! Lol. Not the same as quitting for me. Getting a lil huff actually steams me into a place of submission. I’m a firm believer that I can adjust my power by being ok with being human. This means that if I have to have my fit I do; I’d much rather have the fit and keep going rather than going away from my goal quietly in the night. I will not allow diabetes to beat me in any sense of the word.

Over the past few days I’ve been a working idiot! Teaching vocal lessons, writing songs, brainstorming for TV pitch meetings, rehearsing and then being present for my friends and family. Again, doesn’t sound like much, but it’s much harder to be present when you feel like you’re gonna pass out from hunger.

I’m a big dude, I’ll never be small, so I have to make sure I get enough calories in this sexy chocolate body to keep it all going while dropping the pounds and cleansing my system. Starving yourself will never help you lose weight, your body will selfishly hold on to everything, inch, pant size it has to keep it from dying; so I’m now putting more in (edibles) so I can work more off. I admit I had it backwards at first. I just didn’t want to feel full, stuffed, like I’ve eaten too much. Well, with me keeping on the go, I need more to burn more energy. And with nuts, dried fruit and a carry bag of celery, carrots, olives, hummus, flax seed chips and peanut butter, I’m doing just that! Keeping that energy going.

Look! No one can do a better job at being you, but you have to be around for that to happen. Raising kids, working a job, balancing activities can all be a lot to handle, I just want folks to know that it’s better to prepare your day the night before as best as you can, that way, when life throws those curve balls, you can grab a hand full of nuts while you’re grabbing life by the balls and make it happen.