Morning world! Today marks the 1st day of a new journey for me. I’ve accomplished many things, and have had many opportunities but nothing and no one has challenged me like the road I’m beginning to journey. Weight loss is one of the most talked about and feared subjects/realities in America today. We glorify the challenge of losing weight, but not many meet the mark of the challenge. Today however I embark upon the “newness of me. Not that I am unhappy with Abraham and how Abraham looks…I always say, “Feeling fat and being fat are two different things”. But what I have not been able to say is, “Being fat and feeling healthy, energetic, spontaneous and agile go hand in hand. For me, it’s not so much about how I look. Though chocolate looks better when tall and chiseled…its about my will to live, to have and see my children in the park as I throw the ball or chase the family dog one day.

Several years ago when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, I didn’t really know what it meant for me, I didn’t know the constraints it would begin to have on my life.  Well, the truth is…its MY LIFE.  How dare some foreign, outside “thing” come in to dictate MY LIFE.  Again, I had to realize that it was me, and the decisions I’d decided not to make.  Things like choosing better foods, adding exercise to my daily regimen for life. Things like having another scoop had apparently become such a big deal that Diabetes decided to come in so that I’d exercise some kind of life discipline.

Well, I’m no longer counting on the “policing” diabetes has shadowed me. I’ve decided to stand up, put on a cape, a badge of honor and most importantly my ever sustaining right to live healthy and free.  I’ve decided to cleanse my body and lose the weight necessary to assist in weaning me off of the diabetic pills that “balance” me now.  I’ve decided to be my own superhero and become the change I want to see.

This is a blog about the ups and downs of finding myself; in health, in life, in love and FREE.