Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – About

After a weekend of eating fried, cheese covered, comfort foods and engaging in heavy drinking for my birthday, I decided to make a change in my life. At 29, I am tired of being the largest sister, over weight and self conscious of my body. When I was a teenager, as well as when I was in college, I had the perfect body. I was curvy, small and fit. I lost control of that when my father was dieing. I ate crazily, drank obsessively, and never worked out. Five years later, I am now me. Unhappy with myself and my will power to fix this problem. I came to this conclusion when my subconscious started hinting to me it was time…time to change into the woman I want to be at 30. I know I have the power to correct this so now is my time. :)