Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 10

Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 10

10 days strong! Things are going OK. I find myself craving sushi, thinking of what exactly I’m gonna eat when I get off my detox. 

Baby steps. I’m not gonna stray from my plan.

Usual start, smoothie carrots, nuts, salad.

After work, I have a client meeting and I’m skeptical on where they want to meet for dinner.

His suggestion was Morton’s. All I could think was Oh-My-God! I love Morton’s, but what I always get is their sauteed spinach and Salmon. That is entirely too tempting for me to fall off. I suggested the next best think CPK. (California Pizza Kitchen is by no means equivalent to Morton’s Steakhouse but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do). We meet and I order a grilled veggie salad and ask for it lightly grilled.

Because I know their dressings have a whole lot of calories and I did not have my home made one that I got from the recipe section on

 I asked for the next best thing…Vinaigrette. The salad came and it was sooo delicious.

I didn’t even care what he wanted or needed, I was in love with the salad. Watch out for those tempting free wine samples they push at you. I almost slipped up. I had green tea instead with no sugar.




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