Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 11

Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 11

Is it Thursday already? The days are passing by so fast now. I’m kinda excited.

I had a conversation with my boss today about my lifestyle changes I’m going to make. Right about now he is basically a vegetarian. Maybe every now and then he may have meat (mainly fish or turkey) but his girlfriend is very talented in the art of “Raw Cooking”. She is amazing. If I could make the dishes she makes I would have no problem being a vegetarian or vegan. I’m really gonna make an effort I told him.

I purchased some vegetarian cookbooks from William Sonoma and subscribed to vegetarian magazine which is a small start. In the last year, I have expanded my vegetable choices from just spinach, carrots, bags of salad greens, green beans and asparagus to beets, bok choy, leeks, and kale to name a few.

Believe me Whole Foods is your friend. Even if you feel its prices are out of your league, just the knowledge you gain from asking questions about the fruits and vegetables is amazing. Even seasonings! They know everything.

My boss has known me for about 5 or 6 years and has seen my struggles with my weight. He asked me if I was completely done with meat, and I thought about it… With everything I know about meat, you’d think it would be an easy task but it’s not. I gave up cow about 5 years ago just on principle alone.  Turkey, I only seem to eat like once a month.  Chicken, I eat a lot and pork I only eat every blue moon. (I mean champagne brunch without bacon? It’s like crack to me.) Fish, I tend to eat more than chicken and it usually is always pan seared, baked, blackend or broiled. I haven’t had fried fish, chicken or turkey in a very long time. If I can shake chicken…I might be OK with eating fish only 2 times a week to start my transition. He agreed I needed to start somewhere and going cold turkey (no pun intended) is hard for a lot of people.




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