Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 15


Day  15


Today I was late to work, finishing up a project for a real estate company. I had a late start on my food intake but made sure my pills were at least covered. I could notice the difference eating breakfast at a later time that my body was used to. I was kinda sluggish when I finished the project and started off to work. My smoothie usually lasts at least two and a half hours because I get a large and dont just down it. I knew I wasn’t gonna leave for lunch so I brought a vegetable drink for lunch and some more carrots just in case. It was a smooth day from there.

Except I got caught up at my second job working 4 hours that were not scheduled so for dinner it was another smoothy because that was the closest thing to me. I conked out about 9:00p.m.