Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 3

Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 3

OK guys, today started off all wrong. I got up late, so I didn’t have time to pack snacks (more so I forgot while rushing). I stopped at Robeck’s for my smoothie as usual and made it to work.

As I finished my smoothie and had a large glass of water I was slapped in the face by this smell. My co-workers were eating tuna melts from the truck downstairs. It smelled like heaven and naturally, my stomach began to churn for some of that wonderful meal smothered with cheese in between two pieces of bread. But I was strong and since I did not have any snacks, drank another 2 tall glasses of water to fill my stomach and then cut out to lunch to have a salad from this place down the street.  That salad was like heaven. It was called an oriental salad from a vegan Thai food restaurant. It was the business. It had beets, carrots tomatoes, spinach, bok choy, onions, bean sprouts and I think arugula. I finished that salad before I got back to the office.

This evening I felt a little push to eat something warm so I made a small cup of brown rice with my veggies and salad. It hit the spot. I also realize I get sleepy much earlier as I do this detox. I’m a night person. I work on my own business at home after hours and usually knock out about 1:00 a.m. I seem to fall asleep about 9:30 – 10:00p.m. when I don’t have school. But I’m proud I finished the day without cheating.




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