Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 5


Day  5


This morning I checked out the website and found an article about the problem with Jamba Juice and their fruits. I vow to never attend that establishment again. Its a great article and I advise people to read it.I MADE my smoothie this morning and headed to work. I still was feeling a little queezy and after it was done, I had a big cup of tea. Although it was the Hair-Skin-Nails tea, It still settled my stomache. I guess the hard part is over.     

My co-workers insist on eating bad stuff that smells soooo good but it didnt phase me. I rolled by the day with no problems at all. The evening went by smooth with me having salsa with celery as a treat. Watching a movie.

It was a great day!