Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 6

Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 6

All Hollows Eve!!!The day I L.O.V.E. love! Dressing up. 

I did the usual smoothie, salad, nuts and had some raisins today. School went by like a breeze.

I do photography so I am in the dark for all of 4-5 hours at a time. This time my mind was clear. I did not have multiple conversations going on in my head like a usual day. It was perfect. I was way more focused than usual.

Had an unusual craving for a beet salad from Wholefoods Market. So I probably will stop there for dinner tonight. I made sure I requested no feta cheese though. LOL.

I rushed home to start getting dressed for the evening festivities. P-a-r-t-a-y! I decided to be Carmen Jones (a character that Dorothy Dandridge played in the movie in 1940). I was fly; red rose in my hair, black and red outfit, and even the anklet. As I was rushing out the door to meet up with my sisters, it dawned on me, I cant drink alcohol or forget to take my pills. I ran back upstairs grabbed a bigger purse and filled it with some raisins, cashews, 2 small bottles of water and my pills. I guess I will be designated driver tonight. You never know how boring a party is until you go sober. lol. It was crazy, everyone’s drunk. I have to carry a friend out of the club and drive all these drunk ladies home.

I’m soooo glad I didn’t fall off for a Ketel One and cranberry. Yay ME!


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