Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 8

Becoming Healthy and in Shape Before I Turn 30 – Day 8

A week! A whole week. I guess I am gonna complete this with no problem. I am focused.

I weighed my self this morning. Ten pounds lighter. Even more of a reason to keep pushing through it.  

I went to Robecks and got another smoothie, except I had them put freshly squeezed orange juice in it.
I had a bag of carrots today at lunch and unknowingly ate the whole bag. It was a large bag too. I proceeded home and realized I ran out of bags of salad. I stopped by a grocery store and as I grabbed some salad I got a call from that same friend who started eating healthy because of me. He lost 8 pounds by just changing his diet to only fruits and veggies. I guess it does work I thought to myself.

He came over after I got home to talk about some work and while I was sitting on the couch, all of a sudden, I had an asthma attack. Now lets get this straight. I have asthma. I do not take an inhaler but I haven’t had an attack since I was 12. I honestly could not catch my breath. I don’t take inhalers so the next best thing was steam but it didn’t work. I had my friend brew me some instant coffee that I use when I make cookies. Miraculously it stopped it. Damn. That was crazy. 

So now, since I don’t eat anything but fruits and veggies, I am stuck awake. Just staring at the ceiling. Coffee usually doesn’t hinder me from sleeping but I guess my system is cleaning itself out of its affects on me now.


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