Celebrity Detox with Comedian Aida Rodriguez – Day 10

Celebrity Detox with Comedian Aida Rodriguez – Day 10

Today, I decided to stay busy and do something else for my health instead of just thinking about food, I went and got an adjustment. My chiropractor told me that I am shrinking and that this weight loss would be good for my spine. I have been a bit more patient and peaceful with people and my friends joke and tell me that it is because I am weak due to hunger. I disagree, I feel different and today is one of the days where I believe that eating like this is a breeze.

I am angry with my mother for making meat so important in my household and forcing us to believe:
1. Eating without meat is not eating
2. That you must clean your plate every time.

These two habits have been very hard to break, as I was trained that the two were fundamental to achieve health. The reprogramming is work and it begins with internal work. I have been reading Think and Grow Rich with more clarity and feeling like living a better life is achievable.

Every day is a battle and an accomplishment all rolled up in one. I am not as hungry today, but I was tired of the fruits today and the smell of the pills made me sick. I keep them away from me so that I don’t have to smell them until it’s time to take them.



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