Celebrity Detox with Comedian Aida Rodriguez – Day 13

Celebrity Detox with Comedian Aida Rodriguez – Day 13
Day 13

Now it has been 2 weeks and I am celebrating because I am almost done. I slept in after my show and felt pretty energized for the day. I read Blink and did some writing and I have been writing more cerebral jokes, no BS, since I have been on the Detox. I have been thinking and feeling on a deeper level and it is turning out pretty good. I performed last night and Guy Torry told me that I have some really smart stuff and that is awesome because that is where I want to be. I am transforming, evolving and growing into my better self and this detox, though a pain in the butt is feeling like a real movement. More than the food and herbal aspect but the discipline and self restraint that leads to better decisions. Not just with food, with other things as well such as sex, alcohol and other things that may lead to negative results in your life. I am happy today, I am performing tonight and have a working dinner, which is going to be a bitch. I have to prepare in advance because the feeling of deprivation makes me want to fight!

I went and saw The Book of Eli and took my own water and snacks, that I had to sneak in. I truly appreciate this film more than I would if I were my natural unsettled self. I took in the message beyond religion and was able to appreciate the spiritual feeding about how we treat one another. My attention span allowed me to watch the entire movie without checking my phone, which I do all the time. The smell of popcorn was getting to me and I wanted to bust somebody upside the head with one of my many grapes, but I ate them instead. I took no extra money to the movies so that I would not cheat, yes I have to trick myself sometimes.

I performed at The Jon Lovitz club which is very food driven, since they don’t have much to offer the comics. I was in and out of there. I went to my dinner to organize a relief show for Haiti and I had to constantly think of the Haitian people to guilt myself out of eating. I am in a better and bigger place with regards to my spirit and I am learning that perfection is not the goal for me, evolution into my greater self is. As my dinner mates had Shrimp, Chicken, Bread and French Fries, I had Broccoli and Mixed Greens and I broke down and ordered a Vegan Patty and had that because I was losing it. I forgot to take my 7 PM pills so I took them right before the dirt and it really made my stomach work!