Celebrity Detox with Comedian Aida Rodriguez – Day 8

Celebrity Detox with Comedian Aida Rodriguez – Day 8

Day 8

Now, today I woke up feeling like I could do anything.  I ate an apple for breakfast and hit the road.  I have been thinking about how much I actually think about food on a daily basis and it has really made me think about my dependency on it.  My scalp and ears have been secreting waste as well and I feel totally gross.  The Detox has made me live in the shower, lol.  I have a show tonight so I have to really plan because I have to travel out of town.  Last week, I had such a bad headache that I thought about eating something outside of what ‘s required because I didn’t want to repeat what happened.  I have somehow convinced myself that not eating will cause a headache as opposed to eating what’s wrong.  I have been connecting more with the planet and I feel that I don’t really want to be around many people right now.  I feel like an addict in recovery, staying away from people, places and things.  I get tired of the vegan attitude that I encounter as many wear it as a badge of honor, when I feel that it is a personal choice and should not give you an air of superiority.

I am not as cranky as I was in the beginning, though I have my moments, certainly not as cranky as before the Detox.

Performing required special effort and I felt a little less volatile on stage, which is a good thing.  I felt mellow and I did not get a headache.