Celebrity Detox with Comedian Aida Rodriguez – Day 9

Celebrity Detox with Comedian Aida Rodriguez – Day 9

Day 9

The road trip was hard and today I honestly thought about quitting, the morning started chaotically.  I took my herbs without eating anything and I felt very weak.  I did not leave the house, I stayed at home in bed as I felt my energy very low.  I am detoxing in more ways than you think, I have really developed an emotional dependency on food and get angry when I can’t have what my body is telling me what I want.

I did some breathing exercises and Yoga and it helped soothe me for a small time. I slipped up today and ate 3 potato chips and felt so guilty…I wanted more but I didn’t do it so I went to the room and cried.  I felt like an obese person and it was not cute.  I ended up going to sleep to avoid thinking about food.  It was a rough day.