Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 11

Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 11

What up!

Today is all about energy. Becoming more positive in every aspect of  my life. Directing bad energy out of my universe.

Detoxing will take you there some time, I guess it’s sort of natural  once your body becomes free to toxins and waste your brain immediately  wants all negative energy to become positive energy, and free it  self of toxins and waste. So all toxic thoughts, energy, and  associates, “You aint got to go home, but you got to get the H*** out  of here” . (LOL)

Working out has become a breeze for me lately more energy than I know  what to do with.

BREAKFAST- Smoothie with blueberries and bananas along with hemp seed.

LUNCH- Huge salad. “The Big Dreezy”:

DINNER- raw lasagna meal from whole foods

SNACKS- cashews, brazilian nuts and dried cranberries.

WATER ……….WATER ………WATER……….WATER………..and…WATER……….. lol PEACE!