Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 12

Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 12

What up!!

It’s  day 12, and I am just about in the home stretch. I can only speak for my self in saying I can feel the effects of a clean mind, body, and spirit, 360 degrees. In other words, at home with (kids) at the gym, on the golf course, on the basketball court, and in the bedroom. I am felling great.  Once I have completed my Total Male Cleanse, I plan on staying as close to the diet regimen as I possibly can. This natural high is great, and it’s not my plan to derail all my hard-work one the cleanse is done. Diet wise I am just doing what all guys do I am sticking to what I know smoothie, salad, and veggies.

BREAKFAST –   Smoothie with strawberries and bananas along with hemp seed.

LUNCH –  Huge salad. “The Big Dreezy” (in case you forgot): Romaine lettuce, broccoli, carrots, dried cranberries, walnuts, fresh clementine slices, coconuts shavings and pomegranate/blueberry dressing. (damn dats good) Variety is key when you’re going raw. You’ll feel full and you’re palate will never be bored.

DINNER –  Stir fry veggies using olive oil