Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 2

Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 2

What up Dherbers,

It’s my second day on the detox, and it’s extremely refreshing to have my wife preparing most of my meals. She has completed the Full Body Cleanse several times and is quite familiar with menu choices. My main concern is will I have enough will power to resist what the family is eating, rather than what I must to eat.  I start my day with a smoothie.  I deiced to make smoothie’s for everybody this morning. (If you can’t beat them, put them on your team.) (LOL) My daughter thinks she’s having some sort of ice cream shake for breakfast.

I have a meeting before lunch, I will be out of the house until this afternoon. I’m glad I took the time to have breakfast. I’m sure I will be fine until lunch, which will be brown rice and vegetable stir-fry (not too much rice though). UMMM, seems like the best part of the cleanse so far has been being able to dictate to my wife what I would like for lunch, most of the time she does the dictating. All jokes aside, she’s making this a lot easier than I thought it would be. It’s afternoon and I am in full “daddy” mode got one taking a nap, and one on the way home from school. Even though we have help in the afternoons we are pretty much hands on parents. This means I must be energized and ready to chase a 1 year old around the house. I am feeling great no prolonged episodes to the restroom yet!!!

BREAKFAST- Smoothie with blueberries, bananas, strawberries, and hemp seed.

LUNCH – Small bowl of brown rice with my favorite veggies stir-fry broccoli, green beans , and carrots.

DINNER –  Famous “The Big Dreezy”.

Romaine lettuce, broccoli, carrots, dried cranberries, walnuts, fresh clementine slices, coconuts shavings and pomegranate/blueberry dressing.

SNACKS – cashews, Brazilian nuts and dried cranberries always.

WATER……….WATER………WATER……….WATER………..WATER………WATER………and WATER………..lol!