Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 5

Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 5

What up again,

Just a line or two to alert to my everyday activity. Just returned from taking my son to his Father/Son class. Doing things with my kids always reminds me of what true purpose is, and also reminds me of my own smile. Your smile can affect someone’s whole day when given in a timely fashion. We never really know when that time is so in order to ensure that you’re in the right frame of mind and that you pass on that spirit to others we should get in the habit of smiling.

I say that because today is one of those days that I don’t want to be disciplined and eat whatever is in front of me. lol  We all experience those days from time to time , and today just happens to be my day. Rather than letting the energy of my struggle affect me, I decided to smile through it. Amazingly, in just a short while my new smiling energy got me back on track. I was no longer in the rebellious funk anymore, and was ready to continue on with my mission. So when in doubt, SMILE! Me and my son did!


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