Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 6

Celebrity Detox with Dondré Whitfield – Day 6


The weekend is really here. Saturday marks the day for treats and goodies. A time to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in during the week. The sacrifice of five days to be undone in two days. (LOL) It’s the natural cycle of life. Yes, the natural cycle until you’re cleansing. This now marks a time to remain disciplined while everyone around you is having a party with the dessert menu.

Oddly enough though, I’m actually craving some fish with brown rice. I don’t even have the urge to eat anything crazy. My body feels really good and I don’t want to mess up my hard work. Is it too much to ask to cleanse while eating a great piece of fish. A brothah jus wanna piece of fish. (LOL)

Anyway, I’m feeling great right now. So I guess I have to stay on the path.