Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield


Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield – Day 19

        Day 19 Today is day 19 for me, I’m very excited about completing my cleanse. Its always towards the end when I stop to think, 20 days is a long time with little or no cooked foods.  Today, I have to finish up all the food for my son’s party. I’m not trying pretend I don’t want to sample some of…

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Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 18

        Day 18 Today is day 18 and basically the detox is done. Yippee! Its just a matter of time now. After you’ve made it through 17 days, the finish line is a mere formality. I cannot wait until Sunday when I can have cooked foods. I am preparing my vegetable soup this evening, I always try and eat veggie soup the day after a detox. It’s a…

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Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield – Day 17

        Day 17 Its day 17 for me, and I can smell victory coming my way. This was an extremely active detoxing time for me. My son has started walking, and he is all over the place. Running after him for a couple hours could make anybody tired. My oldest is 5 now, so she is into taking classes for everything. Even though it…

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Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield – Day 16

        Day 16  Today is day 16 and the countdown has begun, only 4 days to go.  I am getting those remarks from people, “girl u too skinny!!”  Too Skinny!!! I will take it. I still wish I could have some real food though. I made some homemade baby food for my son today so my squash was a little steamed.  We took a long walk in the park this…

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Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield – Day 15

      Day 15   Its day 15 and I am in the grocery store buying all the food one can imagine for this birthday party. Remind me why I decided to prepare all the food at the end of my detox? Everything looks and smells so good. Your senses are elevated on a detox because your body is free of toxins. Man I hope I can make it through the party without cheating. My husband was smart and decided to start…

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Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 14

      Day 14  Its all about being a mom this week, my son is turning 1. I have plenty to do before the party, enough to keep me busy all week. No caterers for this party. I will be preparing all the food myself. I just hope one of my famous chocolate chip cookies doesn’t accidentally fall into my mouth. (LOL) The last days of this detox are crucial, I really want regular food, but I don’t want to d-rail all my hard work. KEEP FOCUSED…

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Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 13

  Day 13  It’s day number 13 for me and I feel good but I want some regular food now! A weekend of passing up food can be taxing on a girl! It’s always around the last week where you get really tired of raw foods, and start to crave cooked meals. Steaming some veggies at this point, could make or break the detox. My family has been super supportive, and thats a key factor in completing a detox.  Breakfast – Smoothie with strawberries, bananas, pineapples, blueberries, and apple juice.  Lunch – Fruit…

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Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 12

  Day 12 Today is day 12 and I am moving right along. I ran into a couple of old friends last night at a party. It’s always nice to chat with old friends. Detoxing puts a natural smile, down in your gut, and it shows everywhere you go! The party I went to was great, good music, plenty of laughter, and no raw food. I am telling everyone about the cleanse. (My husband begins to chuckle at me.) (LOL) Breakfast – Bowl of fruit Lunch – Steamed…

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Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 11

  Day 11 Today is day 11 for me and so far so good. My day was filled with family activities. It started with breakfast, I made Banana Pancakes for the kids, and I had a smoothie and a bowl of fruit. I am up and out early, considering I stayed up pretty late. My event was great! I had my lasagna before I left so I wasn’t worried about eating at the party. Already the afternoon, and I am off to the park with my kids and the dog…

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