Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 1

Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 1

Hey Guy’s it’s me Salli, and for the first time in my  life I will be allowing the viewers to follow me on my journey to detox my body from toxins and waste. First let me give you a little history on how I live my life, and my purpose for detoxing. Generally speaking I maintain a healthy diet ( all natural food ), my youngest child is not even a year yet , and I have already gotten down to my pre baby weight. My main purpose for detoxing to to start my new year off with a clean body, plus I went a little crazy during the holiday eating plenty of food. You know how it is, Mommy making that delicious macaroni and cheese, and other fixins you remember as a child.  Hell sometimes it’s OK to go for it.  I even ate white castle burger, and I had ribs, (keep in mind these are things that I would never eat!) . Unfortunately, I pulled my groin so this detox will be without  any exercise ( which I hate).

*Breakfast – Included Bananas and Nectarine  It was cool, but I sure do miss my coffee in the morning( Bye Bye )see you in about 20 days…… LOL

*Lunch- Nice green kale salad , I don’t know if your are aware but Kale is probably one of the most tastiest  veggies on the market, ( so under rated )

*Dinner- Raw kelp noodles,  it  was a great day, luckly my husband is detoxing a well, and the kids eat what I fix. So, I don’t have any temptation right now. Man it was a great day!




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