Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield – Day 15




Day 15  

Its day 15 and I am in the grocery store buying all the food one can imagine for this birthday party. Remind me why I decided to prepare all the food at the end of my detox? Everything looks and smells so good. Your senses are elevated on a detox because your body is free of toxins. Man I hope I can make it through the party without cheating. My husband was smart and decided to start his detox after the party. I wonder how he is gonna feel when I am eating cooked food and he limited to eating just raw foods. 


Breakfast – Banana, strawberries, and apple juice (kinda over smoothies)

Lunch – Mango salsa with raw chips from the health food store.

Dinner – Spinach salad with the raw dressing recipe on the website (I feel like I am reaching)