Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield – Day 16





Day 16 

Today is day 16 and the countdown has begun, only 4 days to go.  I am getting those remarks from people, “girl u too skinny!!”  Too Skinny!!! I will take it. I still wish I could have some real food though. I made some homemade baby food for my son today so my squash was a little steamed. 

We took a long walk in the park this afternoon. Staying active is vital for working women. We give so much to our families we often forget to take care of ourselves. Going for a walk keeps me active and gives me special time to spend with my baby!!! 

Breakfast – Fresh apples with bananas 

Lunch – Steamed Squash  (LOL) 

Dinner- Back to old faithful Kale salad (FUNNY)