Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 7

Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 7

Today was great my energy level has increased so much!! As I breeze through running ALL my errands, I feel really great inside, emotionally I feel balanced. When you detox your organs and body, it makes you feel like you have balance in you life. As for the diet I was completely bored after 6 days of just about the same thing. So, I decided to swing over to my favorite health food grocery store for a change in the food selection. Check out my new snack (Yummy!!)

Breakfast – Smoothie with strawberries, banana, raspberry, pineapple, hemp seed.

Lunch – Spinach salad with red peppers, yellow peppers, cucumber, cashews, and I made raw dressing from the detox booklet.

Snack – Homemade mango salsa from the Dherbs Raw recipe section, raw chips from the organic health food store.

Dinner – Just snacking on carrots, and celery.




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