Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 9

Celebrity Detox with Salli Richardson Whitfield- Day 9

Today is my day # 9, I woke up early, and took a brisk walk around my neighborhood. I estimate the distance was just under a mile and a half for the complete walk.  Physically I feel great, my groin feels just fine. I am pleasantly surprised about  my energy level, (especially in the morning) where it’s needed the most. I am a working mom and wife, so having extra energy in the morning without my coffee, well, lets just say I am a very happy camper now. I have a couple of events this weekend so my stylist will be stopping by with a few choices for me to try on. I can’t hardly wait to see the results of the detox in a nice gown, or dress. 

Breakfast – Smoothie with pineapples, bananas, mangoes, and hemp seed. 

Lunch – Big salad (cabbage, radishes, cumin, bell peppers, red onion, garlic and sesame seeds). 

Dinner – Lunch left overs. (so easy)




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