Dona Lyons: The start of a new me

Official Day 2

Today was a little tuff for me… I was a little weak this morning but I pushed through. I am not hungry I think its more of a mental thing. Our mind tell us that we are hungry even though we are not. Its 15:35 est time and its almost time to take my last set of pills. Oh yeah, OMG went to the restroom every 30 minutes so this process IS doing something. Until tomorrow, see you later.

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Official Day 1

My first day went very well. Eating healthy is very pricy! Whole Foods is my place of choice because its organic heaven. Organic cashews are the best snack you can buy at this place. I am not a tea drinker but I am learning very quickly. I stayed on schedule today with the capsules. I’m not a person who like to take pills, I put all of them in my mouth and swallow with lots and lots of water.  The last step for me is the charcoal water wow I hope this is go well I will act like I…

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Day 1

Today I decided to change my life for the good. I researched and researched and read all of the good reviews and the bad before I decided. I ordered the 10 day cleanse first because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to hang in there, but I think I will be okay with all the support that the blog offer I think I will be ok. I measured today and I will add my sizes in just a few mins. I ordered today so, I am thinking my kit will come by next Tuesday or Wednesday but…

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