Day 1

Today I decided to change my life for the good. I researched and researched and read all of the good reviews and the bad before I decided. I ordered the 10 day cleanse first because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to hang in there, but I think I will be okay with all the support that the blog offer I think I will be OK. I measured today and I will add my sizes in just a few mins. I ordered today so, I am thinking my kit will come by next Tuesday or Wednesday but hoping it will come sooner. I am so excited to get started!! So wish me luck.

Weight  198

Waist 35

Hips   40

Right Thigh   24 1/2

Left  Thigh   24 1/2

Breast  36

My Goal Numbers

Weight  180

Waist    32

Hips      36

Right Thigh   20

Left Thigh     20