Dorothy Dukes: BumbleDee

T-minus ONE 1 day!

Good morning, good morning, GOOD MORNING!  Over the weekend I cleaned my fridge, went to Berkeley Bowl for bulk and dried produce. Once home, I washed everything in a baking soda & water solution and began to prepare my world for an awesome change! I took photos of my efforts and they honestly are putting a huge grin on my face just knowing that I’m setting myself up for success! This morning when I arrived at work, it took me nearly 40 minutes to get my fruits and veggies put away and I made a gallon of fruit…

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Taking The First Step

Today I took the first step to a better me! After hearing about Dherbs on Steve Harvey ALL YEAR and after failed efforts with Weight Watchers and Herbalife I decided whats another $120.00! So with that, I placed my order, and will use today to get my mind and my kitchen in order for 20 days of rawness! I’m pretty excited and nervous at the same time. This blog will be my saving grace. Thank you DHerbs for making this a safe place!

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