159 Pounds Down and Counting

Had an unexpected great day- well, I guess I kind of expected it. The morning started with prayer and devotion then I took another nap J then got up and dressed, ready for the day.

I hit up the hospital to visit my mom- she’s coming along well and the nurses are kind. We laughed a bit today and she talked a lot lol. She’ll be up and doing her thing soon I’m sure. As usual, seeing moms does that thing to me where I get a little down, but I know exactly what to do now “Walk n Worship”, I hit that treadmill throw on my headphones and do my thing.

When I walk in the gym I weigh-in but only if its after 4pm normally. I stepped on the digital scale- it hit the weight I thought it would, unsurprised and barely motivated I went up to the 3rd floor. Today I split the cardio time, an hour and a half in the gym; 3 miles on the elliptical 1.5 on the treadmill after that I hit the chest press and the bicep curler. It was a good night in the gym. But check, it gets better, I weigh myself on the way out and it was a 3-pound difference. I can’t believe it- I met my goal weight.

I was excited, so excited that I walked out the gym got in my car started to leave until I realized I hadn’t taken care of parking. I think, hhm. I wonder if this scale is right. “When was the last time it was calibrated? I thought, man I have to go back in any way. Just ask! And so I did, the gentleman explained that this particular scale re calibrates itself every time it’s turned on. “Ok, that’s cool” He says “yeah man, if you drop a 25 pound weight on that thing and it reads anything other than 25 pounds there’s a problem”. I thought, “FINALLY A SCALE THAT WORKS” I was excited while I was taking off my sweater and shoes he walks back over drops a 35-pound weight and the digi delivered.

The Weigh In

I knew I’d at least get the number I’d gotten 5 minutes earlier, at least, but what I got instead was a beautiful goal set and matched. I’d actually lost more than I thought once I took off the extra garments and shoes. It was a remarkable feeling guys. One I hope all of you who decide to give living your true life a chance get to feel. I was ecstatically surprised. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!



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