All or Nothing

It’s easy to see and say, but how often is it easy to just do? No fluff, no stuff, just doing it! Arguably there are many things that you can just do and plenty of folks who do just that…they Do It! Sounds simple enough… So, I want everyone reading this blog to stop, clap your hands consecutively three times and say ‘Weight Be Gone” Did it happen? Are you the exact size you long or desire to be? Is your waist the size it was when you were in college or better yet, does your Tux or dress fit from when you got married?

Did the Imperial Courts decree it “National Fat NoMore Day? Hell naw, none of that crap happened and it’s not gonna happen with a clap. I mean, you can make ugly go away with a clap using The Clapper” lol, lights out; but chances are you’ll never be the change you want to see until you become fluid in the action of change. Oh boy, oh boy, what a journey it is. I find myself in the wind of it all, pushing my way through. Funny, I often imagine myself on the side of a mountain pushing, able to see the Top; how far I have to go but never seeing where I start. 

There was a time I had these visions and it would scare the life out of me; I didn’t quite understand perception just yet. Because of this I always felt the distance in how far I was from the Top as opposed to the grace I was awarded on my way from the Bottom… Ahhh, that means I wasn’t seeing clearly. I spent more time focused on the “problem” getting to the top instead of reveling in the fact that I had traveled such a great distance from the bottom; so much so that I couldn’t even see the bottom anymore.

It is important to sit every once in a while and check the distance you’ve traveled and that’s with all things. The vision on the side of the mountain only comes to me when my Love Source is asking me to check in. Not simply with my physical self but with my Spiritual Man also.

I’ve been hitting the treadmill and I knew I’d break some record of mine today because weekly I set a goal and I meet it! Today’s milestone was taking my rest 45 minutes into my walk instead of 30 minutes. I also added another arm machine to my workout. Add to this an intentional meeting with my Love Source and you’ve once again concocted a libation that flows and quenches all thirsts.  I woke up knowing I’d make it to the gym earlier than usual, but was feeling a bit empty in my spirit. I felt disconnected- listen, the connection between you and your Love Source is a dance that no one can dance for you. You have to know when your partner is calling you to the dance floor and move.

Today on that treadmill I laid it all out, not just in sweat but also in tears and worship. I prayed, I called out (in a low voice lol; hell, I waaas in the gym. No yelling in the gym! Lol) But yes, I had an amazing time. When my time was up I was ready and refueled for the rest of the day. I went to meetings, rehearsals etc, but none of that would have happened without good energy in play and I taken the time to Check-In with my Love Source. I did another hour in the weight room and walked out feeling like the Champion I AM!

Look baby, when you decide to get it together, get right or whatever you want to call it, you be sure to get it ALL. And I do mean ALL or Nothing!!!  What good is a healthy body with a sick mind? Or visa versa? A better heart, a better life, a better mind and a better you is what we want, right?

We’re taught to be unselfish, giving and kind, all of which are amazing gifts; please give them to yourself and then share them with other people.

All or Nothing is the call people.  Lets get there…



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