An Avocado Done Saved My Life!

An Avocado Done Saved My Life!

Getting the morning started. Cantaloupe, strawberries, Daily Reading.
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What a day, what a day! One of the things I beat myself up about is a lack of preparation. Its very important for those of us under construction to have a plan in place. Of course I say this to you and myself all the time but for some reason I don’t always manage to get things in line. I know the difference between stumbling and setting yourself up for failure.

Gang, today I almost got trapped under a McDonald’s bus today. So hungry I could slap my shadow! Child I mean that thing was coming straight for me, and it was all because I wasn’t prepared with my meal plan for the day. I ate cantaloupe and strawberries for breakfast but my day started abruptly which meant I had to leap damn near out the door. I had with me a pack of almonds and an apple. Look people, you have to give your body what it needs. I don’t know whom in the hell I thought I was feeding but that apple did NOT do the trick. I found myself irritable, cranky and at times emotional while taking care of a few dire needs. I was a mad man and there was nothing that could fix it but a sandwich (food).

My green #AllGreenSalad spinach, iceberg lettuce, and avocado with a hint of vinegar, olive oil and spices. #LetsEat #DinnerTime
#weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightlosschallenge #FFL #F4L #IChooseLife #DherbsWarrior #Dherbs @dherbs4life #FitBoy #FitLife #FightForLife #fitness #FitnessChallenge

I did muscle through my day but it made me reflect grossly on what I have to do if I want this to work. There will always be some fast food spot ready with a meal and ready to take my money. No one will be concerned about me like “ME”, not prepping food on my normal Wednesday schedule is what threw things off. There was no watermelon cut or salad prepared. Hell I hadn’t even made my weekly Trader Joes, Whole Foods run so I was stuck, in them there streets with nothing but my thumbs to twiddle. Never Again! Lmao. That thing had me in a corner sucking my thumb and praying.!!!! Lmao. I was hungry and knew I couldn’t do anything about it until I made it back home. By the way, I prefer not to purchase foods that are not on my food schedule. It can punch a hole in the plan and ya wallet.

Lesson learned baby! I got home and prayed to the refrigerator gods, “Please let there be something in here that will make it all work out”. And there it was, an avocado. Gleaming in its entire splendor. Who would have thought that such appreciation would come, but my stomach was more than grateful and I was too! I dug deeper and found iceberg lettuce and left over spinach from my weekly shake bag. I was in the bidness! Yes boo, bidness! That’s when its too serious! Lol.

I just had to share my day, or my food day with you. Lesson: prep, prep, prep. Even if you’re tired your body and stomach and everyone who has to deal with you will be grateful. 



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