Battle Fit Galactica: The Weekend Roundup

The First week is usually the toughest when you decide to cleanse, so I was not surprised with some off the challenges I faced during the week. The cleanse, the shift in diet, in hand with exercise is definitely ambitious and could make you feel that you just may not make it.  But I guarantee you, if your heart is in it, you will. Keep Pushing.

My weekend was pretty fricken awesome if I do say so myself. When you have things on schedule, activities, plans on calendar it actually makes this process much easier. Why? Its simple, you aren’t sitting around thinking. And more importantly, you aren’t thinking about FOOD. I talked about planning your meals earlier in the week. Though that is the best way to make the change in your eating, planning, prepping, preparing; those meals made at home don’t always hit your taste buds the way you’d like on a free spirited weekend.

Nope, it’s no easy task realigning your thinking so that you can Win, but in truth your weekends, are much like your weeks. Plan, prep, prepare…only this time it’s all about The Splurge. The Splurge you say! Yes! The Splurge. Knowing where to go, dine out, hang out to make the food shift a more lavish food experience, one your mouth and buds will Thank you for.

Like I said, my weekend was pretty swell, I spent Friday evening at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel with, Night of Generosity. Over half a million dollars was raised to assist in the World Water Crisis, 75 water wells will be built in Haiti, Gauna and India. It was an amazing feat charged by CEO, Jordan Wagner, an inspiring young man with passion and compassion. is the seed of Philip Wagner, Pastor of  He passed the challenge of helping to cure the world’s 1.1 Billion persons living without clean water over to Jordan, and boy has his hearts work helped to create an impact.  As Wagner said last night, Imagination coupled with Action create Reaction.  He along with the Generosity Team truly shined a light, raised a hand guests last night people put their money where their drinking glass was.  Cheers to Hope.

The event was hosted by Queen Latifah and Etv’s Jason Kennedy; we spent a grand evening listening to Mike Posner, Onitsha Shaw, and Nikki Leonti while eating some of the best cuisine. The menu was decadent, however it’s all about choices, right?

I chose to dive into a beautiful garden of live greens adorned with pea-shoots; beets and hazelnut, drizzled in a beautiful made raspberry dressing. I also had Thee Best steamed kale God has ever put on earth. I’m actually considering doing a blog on Kale alone. I mean really. As I journey this new lifestyle I’m finding so much more out about food and how to make what was once in the background of my diet plan, the new Star of my lifestyle change. You’re almost forced to. #Grateful

Today I woke up and headed for my church’s food give away, Bethel Unspeakable Joy Church I had to be there by 7am not leaving me much time to eat before heading out…thank God for prep though, right…I was able to grab fruit I’d already cut up, a few packs of Raw Almonds, trail mix and even had time to make a shake. It was a lifesaver because after the food give-away I went to a conference where I was a group facilitator. Again, those handy snacks gave me the fuel I needed to keep moving, from there I shot over to Lula Washington Dance Theater where I teach a voice class for amazingly talented students ages 8 – 14. And of course the day didn’t end there, I made it home, created a super salad snack then hit three miles on the treadmill.



Look, I cant expect you to do everything I do, I can only tell ya how to keep it moving in the journey toward living your True Life. Every effort I make is because I’ve decided to live. Does this decision make the road easy? Hell No! But the decision to become the truth of my full self, every portion of God’s promise that I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made can only be Truth for me if I Do The Work.

#Dream #Live #Thrive



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