Be Bold In Becoming You, Stand Tall Refuse To Fall

Be Bold In Becoming You, Stand Tall Refuse To Fall

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I heard T.D. Jakes say “there’s nothing more powerful than a changed mind”, a statement that resonated with me powerfully. As he spoke my heart immediately zeroed in on a few areas of my life that needed attention. I was having a moment of truth; listening to Pastor Jakes prompted an internal conversation that required action. Action in my thinking, I hadn’t been aware of how loosely I’d been approaching my commitments. Not truly engaged in some cases, in turn not giving my best to myself.

My changed mind this week looked like me hitting the free weights in a garage gym, my changed mind had me pushing upwards of two hours of cardio each session, my changed mind got me reconnected with several allies who believe with me, my decision allowed me to spark new conversations attract new energy, make great salads, speak more life, reading more of the Word, listening more to the spirit, My mind had me spending time with God and longing to understand the mysteries of the Bible… I accepted that I was looking crummy in the mirror, inside. I assessed my dealings and made the proper changes.

It felt good to be present to the changing of my mind; I even decided that I now like almonds. Lol. Leading from the inside out as opposed to being emotionally driven made room to identify the unique characteristics that make me, well, me.

I’m evolving and gaining speed on my journey to becoming a better me. I’m also challenging myself to 10 days of Positive Thinking without interruption. We attract our life experiences we envision once a path has been cleared in our thinking, leading more directly, a straighter path to our destiny, what I call our “True Life. Your True Life is where your Spirit longs to dwell, the fullness of your health, wealth and wisdom. My changed mind has me excited about my body changing and I’m starting to have visions of what my outer self will look like in 9 month or so. I have goals and I can’t wait to see where I land.

The point of today’s story is this. Be Bold In Becoming You, Stand Tall Refuse To Fall. Drop and shed the weight, the drama, the tears, and the past. Become the You of right now. Fight to become your better self, not only to look better but also to GIVE bigger and better. I’m always trying to give and help as big as the largest pair of pants I’ve owned.

Encouragement Corner: I started this journey rocking a size 54 Levi I’m happy to report I slid into a size 44 True Religion the other day and almost hit a back flip. It was good for me.