Butts & Bulges

I already stated that I’d eaten New York and a portion of Los Angeles over the coarse of the month what I hadn’t talked about however is the pressure of every day life and the toll it can have on your physical presence in the gym and even what you’re choosing to eat, put in your body.

I’m not gonna make this long, but I wanted to share with you what my trials and experiences have been over the past few weeks and how its effected my eating and weight. The hardest thing was recognizing that I was beginning to slip into a space that is unrecognizable by most of the people around me. This is why we, you and me have to constantly check in with ourselves. No one knows you like You. I had taken on a bit of guilt from my splurge, just a hint, but that’s all the darkness of Emotional Eating needs to roll out a spread that will keep you so occupied you wont even know you ate the kitchen sink until its gone. Just a hint and depression will push that refrigerator gate wide open.

Its been for some time now that whenever my mom is not well my heart seems to sink, I’m sure that’s natural but it doesn’t just sink. My heart sinks first and then comes the push to the kitchen; snacks, potato chips, candy, sodas. Things that I removed from my home mysteriously began to return – My aunt going through her 4th surgery due to breast cancer got to me also. My moms and aunt are my girls man. That crap was hurting, so much so that I began neglecting the gym.

Its funny how the thing you’re running from ends up being exactly what you need to pull you right back together. I needed the gym, I needed the high energy and my body needed to push a little harder. I can’t speak for everyone out there, but tonight I’m grateful for my support team, my mom who even though I’m visiting her in the hospital tells me “well you cant just sit here, go to the gym” and my aunt who randomly texts me just to say “you looked good today when I saw you, you going to the gym tonight? That keeps me motivated and Finally “I” keep me motivated.

I wa grateful for their words but I was even happier that I decided to put myself first and do what was best for me and my body. Guys, the food choices we make now become our bodies later. Child I was so happy to buy a watermelon the other day I didn’t realize that I was standing at the cashier … hugging it. In public Lol; I wasn’t even embarrassed, told the lady, “you’d be hugging this thing two if you knew how much weight I’ve dropped in the last two months”. Dherbs now has a new Full Body Cleanse customer… Dherbs.com

Have an awesome day guys and remember #F4F Fight For Life

BY the way, I do not take it lightly the break I took, there were consequences for those actions. I weighed myself before heading to New York, I had come down an additional 18 pounds, 5 of which I put back on.  It was as if I out on a pound a day.  Terrible.  But I’ve already confessed.  I’m telling you this because I want you to be accountable also.  I did not make a good decision even if it was my birthday and I was in New York.  Those were all the more reasons to have risen to the better eating occasion.  We’ve learned our lesson and won’t go backwards moving forward.



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