Checking In

Checking In

Hey guys doing things a little differently this week. Decided yesterday that I’d speak after returning to the gym today. Yup returning. I was out for the count last week due to a knee injury and a car towing. Not all week, but four of the seven ya

Saturday shake going up! And boy was it needed. Those #HungerGames were starting to flare up. Lol. No nickname for this one I was just hungry as hell and needed a fix. I think I damn near sprinted from my car to the kitchen. Lmao #seriously Try it though. My base is usually kale, threw in half on an English cucumber, chia seeds, an apple and my natural sweetener a banana. #SoGood its got a brotha boy was done.
Someone brought me flowers while I wasn’t on my feet. Men like flowers too. (In a really deep tone) lol

Today I got back on the horse, my energy was top flight and I was ready to feel the burn of a long strong session. I spent 2 ½ hours enjoying myself to the fullest. Kind of didn’t realize how much I enjoy working out until I couldn’t. I was a wreck too y’all. Lol. The whole dramatic shabang, bang, bizzle! The car wore me out because it was one thing after the other. I count it all a learning experience but that knee! Whew baby. I injured myself coming down a hill. Took me out for a little minute because I couldn’t put pressure on it. Its much better now though and today was proving ground.

I’ll get into the workout in a minute; I wanted to first mention that while on rest I continued to take my Dherbs Cleanse…

January 26th, 2015

I’m happy to report that I lost three pounds while doing NOTHING! Well, nothing but eating properly and taking my herbs. I was suspired my self! Lol. Yup! One of those “man this cleanse really works! I liked this particular experience because I could have easily gotten into the thinking that working out alone could do the trick. But no, the change in my diet in addition to my commitment to the cleanse has been amazing. I’m doing it differently this time around. Not for anyone but myself, my health my Life. It feels Good and I’m continuing my journey. Like I said, I think I needed the rest and to see the Cleanse thing Work. 

Jumped to the scale today for a by chance weigh in. Ahh progress.

Back to the workput! It was supper cool I actually pushed harder today and it felt great. I hit the treadmill for about three miles plus and even got a lil jog in there. I then hit the weights and a couple of the machines; Chest Press, Leg Press, Bicep Curler and a couple others that I don’t know the name of. I stretched to all out after too. I learned the hard way that not stretching is a midnight tail whooping. Legs go crazy.

I wanted to leave you guys with a Reprise of one of my first ever blogs at the request of a few readers. Emotional Muscle is equally important to physical muscle as we tread this road to freedom from our past bodies.

Take a read:

Emotional Muscle

Posted on December 4, 2009 by Abraham Mc Donald

What a day… a lot of smiles and self realizations… Hmm. I wish my emotional muscle could get stronger at rapid speed. Sometimes the things that hurt us aren’t meant to, ya know? Hold on though… With each trial comes NEW understanding and purifying rain. That refreshing rain will cleanse your thoughts, softening the self afflicted blow we often trial ourselves with.

I remember back a few months ago, maybe 7 months : ) I had come to a serious wall in my life. I realized that I was the hold up; I was concerned most of the day with what YOU, others… thought. Beating myself daily with who I wasn’t” and what I could have done… I leaned into what I thought was the life I was to live. Even pretending that I was complete. As with most of us… I was stuck in myself, screaming, climbing and scratching for some sort of normalcy. I wanted to feel alive, affirmed and validated. But it was costing me too much of my “love energy. I burned out and came to a screeching halt. Whew!!!! Glad that’s all over. Lol.

This blog is an account of what the past eighteen months of my life have looked like. I learned a long time ago that every Champion has a theme song…or ten…lol. The songs that helped me to regain my self love, forgive my offenders, myself and challenged me to see myself has who my creator made me to be.

THE RED TRUCK: I heard your voice
Back in October 08 I bought a red Chevy Tahoe, it was what I wanted to believe, my dream car. A symbol of my work and accomplishment, the “G” ride that I knew was gonna increase my value on all ends. It was sittin on some chromed out Italian phatties with a couple of screens, some serious beat and an ego that was brighter than the color of the whip itself. An obnoxious display. Lol. In all of it’s splendor. I felt better because of the car, I looked better because of the car and even had a few new passengers that I’m certain would not have gotten in the 94 Chezy hooptie I been rollin round in now…lol. Long and short. I was feelin good.

Dec 7th 08: You ever hear a whisper in your ear but nobody’s there? And you’re certain ya heard it, but don’t wanna convince ya’self that you’re crazy in that moment…haha. Well, check. So a friend rings me up and says lets hang. I wasn’t pressed so I said sure. About five minutes after the call I hear “Don’t do it. Right! so I look around the bathroom…as if someone could have come through the ceiling…lol. And I hear it again… “Don’t Do It. By now… Lol. I’m like pulling shower curtains back, done turned the water off at the sink. I mean, I was really freaked. And then the phone rings again… It’s my folks again… “We aren’t gonna make it. “No worries” I returned and hung up.

All good right? Because this voice in the bathroom done already told me that this hang is a bad idea. Lol. But real. Walk with me on this. YES. YOU! Focus!!! Lol.

But check, then I get a third call…”we’re just gonna roll through. “All good”, I return. Completely ignoring this voice I’ve heard while in the bathroom. Why did I do that!!!!

I oblige and before ya know it there are several folk at my spot, and some I really don’t know. It didn’t get out of hand per say. It was just that people I didn’t know were in my personal space and I wasn’t diggin it. My folks brought folks who brought folks… Toward the end of the night I notice a guest lingering… So I asked, what are you waiting on? It’s time!

A bit curt, I know… but hey!

I see that the guys ride has left though and with no warning. After a few calls and a definite that his ride was not coming back, I offer the floor to him and a blanket and pillow; something I would hope would be offered to me if I were stranded. When the morning came all was well and in order. The sun crept in my room, sending a warm hue over my face, opening my eyes to the day. I even heard birds outside chirping away.

I go in the living room and the guest is still sprawled on the floor. “Hey doc…it’s time. You should call your folks again. I know somebody can grab you if you catch uhm now”. Guest, “yeah, let me do that now”. He places a couple of calls and lets me know that he’s just gonna jump on the buss. “Ain’t nobody answering man”. I return…”Okay doc, do ya do. ya dig? And off to my room I went, not realizing that I’ve left my keys in the living room.

And as I’m on a call I notice that I don’t hear anything…nothin, not a drop. I jump up and walk to the living room to see the door slightly open. No keys on the mantle and no sign of the guest. I go outside to the back car port and no Red Tahoe either!!!!!!!!! Disgusted I was ooooooohhhhh DISGUSTED!!!! Lol… Not because the car was gone… But that I had been so far from my love source that I didn’t even recognize His voice.

Though my car was stolen on the day that the First note was due… I was grateful that I could hear again. And in every lesson there’s a message. I got a couple on this round.

1. Had my thinking/emotional muscle been in tact… This wouldn’t even be a story cuzz I would have had an empty home that night. Lol.
2. I realized that the car had become my pride. It was bigger than me to me… And who really wants to validate their existence based on a “thing”.
3. If you ever hear a voice over ya shoulder… Listen to it. In most cases, you’ll save yourself a ton of headache by trusting your discernment.

Now!!! On to the good. A year to that date, Dec 8, 09… I bought a new joint that’s fly and less obnoxious : )

When you get a chance… Check out this link. Feelin Good” Nina Simone… She’s on my Champion Theme list.


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