Choose Up!

Choose Up!

Not every Monday has to be a slow beginning. As a matter of fact, I purpose my Mondays, I plan not only what I’ll eat, but create an intentional space for clear and good thinking. It becomes easier the more you do it. You’ll find that the Full Body Cleanse gives you more energy too. You’ll need something to do with it!

I actually started my Monday with gratitude…I began my morning in worship, I feel we have to constantly remind ourselves of the good things we already have. I keep thinking that just two months ago I was wearing a “Life Vest” 24 hours a day, and just last night I was running on a treadmill. You hear me when I say…I ain’t runt’ bout nothin in so long I almost started crying! Just in joy…now don’t get me wrong…my ass didn’t bust any crazy records…and even if I was only able to do it for a minute at a time in intervals…I was Able to do it. Of course I thank God for giving me the strength to do it. But it’s also about how I feel inside. And right now I feel Amazing and I know that has a lot to do with inner spiritual renewing and the internal cleansing of my body.

My energy is up, I’m sleeping better and I don’t feel sluggish. Yes, God restored my heart and Dherbs is helping me become heart healthy. The Full Body Cleanse helps you to choose Up. Choose better. I do take the weekend to enjoy a snack of my liking, without going crazy… But I also enjoy live snacks! Think about it, putting live foods in your body will only help you Live better. For instance, tonight, I wanted something with a little snap & bite and flavorful.

I sliced some English Cucumber thick and rinsed a few mushrooms. I tossed them in a little homemade Olive Oil infused with fresh Basil and Garlic, sprinkled a bit of Turmeric, Garlic, Cayenne, and Coarse Himalayan Sea Salt and Boom, Bam…Hot Damn; A cool, spicy, crunchy and flavorful snack. I love it.

I got a chance to go in to speak with the team this morning, it was reassuring to know I’m in this battle and I have a team of people cheering me on. I can’t say thank you enough. And not just for those who are around me daily, pushing me… but You also! Yes, You! Reading, checking in on me, seeing what antics I’ve been up to and encouraging me to keep going. Living this New lifestyle is pretty frigging awesome, yup; I’d love to see you live it with me too.

I think I’ll start a YouTube Channel dedicated to our Progress. Dream, Live, Thrive; The Dherbs Battlefield. You can send me your progress videos to share and I’ll keep you up to date on mine, the foods I’m finding, liking, loving and throwing away…lol. Eating Raw can be a cool journey if you let it. And me and this gym… is a show in and of itself. Ha! I’m learning a New way of loving me. Sure, I believe God did well when he created this 6’8 Chocolate Man, But I may have taken it into my own hands when I decided to put on 300 pounds. No worries though! It’s all about how we think. And I think that I’m going to meet my goal and I want to see you meet yours.

Finally, I realized that as much as it’s about how I think, it’s also about what I do… So, after my new windows were installed at my place, I hightailed it over to the gym. Yes y’all. The gym, and on a Monday. Who does that? Folk who want to Win! Remember its all about the choices we make. Deciding to lift yourself in all areas including your health becomes not only the gift of a better life for you… Your health and well being is important to the people around you. Allow God to love on you through your choices. Choose Up!



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